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Episode starts with Abhi applies Haldi to Pragya and says this is last time I’m applying colour to you and you bought the colour in my life but now someone is going to occupy your place, how you’re feeling. Pragya cries and why he is making her reminding last. Abhi says past is connecting us that’s why I will make you remind past when you tries to go from me and you’re not beautiful but now you’re looking more beautiful that’s why I’m coming close to you.

Abhi says I know you think how I loved you of you’re not beautiful that’s because I love your inner beauty and than you became the best girl in the world to me but you know what I’m the best of best and if we get separated than you gonna feel more pain than me because you gonna loose me forever, hope you understand this on time. Abhi kisses her cheek. Pragya says don’t do this than she sees Meera and asks him to leave her saying Meera coming towards them. Abhi says he don’t care. Pragya steps on his foot. Abhi shouts.

Rhea says how dare you to cheat me. Ranbir says you’re cheater, why you told Prachi that I choosed you over her, did it happen? Prachi never tried to took advantage on me. Rhea says I saw Prachi. Ranbir says stop and don’t take Prachi name. Rhea says you’re warning me even after knowing about our Roka. Ranbir says shutup and you know why it gonna happen and you can’t change truth. Mitali intervenes and asks what happened. Ranbir leaves from that place. Rhea thinks you will be mine Ranbir and I have to stop Dad marriage.

Pragya hides with Abhi behind pillar. Meera goes than Pragya says It won’t good if Meera sees us in this way. Abhi says let her know I have an affair with you and in 2days I’m going to marry. Pragya about to leave. Abhi stops her holding saree and cleans Pragya Haldi and clear his Haldi with her saree. Mitali sees Abhi and Pragya coming out from same corner.

Prachi cries seeing her Haldi. Shahana asks Prachi where you went. Prachi hugs her and tells it’s really tough to get separated from Ranbir but my pain will be gone once I saw the happiness of Mom and Dad, she cries badly. Shahana wipes her tears. Aryan sees Ranbir behind Shahana and Prachi who signs him to be silent and he takes Shahana with him closing her mouth. Prachi goes than Aryan runs towards Ranbir and Shahana.

Pallavi sees Saritha and Dadi happily talking to eachother and she tells to Vikram that she don’t like if Baljeet Dadi breaks this marriage because Meera is my friend. Vikram thinks Pallavi created hate for Pragya family bin her heart without any reason.

Prachi notices Shahana is not with her. Pallavi asks Meera why she went from Haldi Rasam. Meera says she got allergic reaction and she don’t want to get it applied. Purab too joins Dadi and Saritha Ji. They notices Pragya and Abhi coming downstairs. Abhi tells to Meera that he will apply Haldi to her. Meera tells him about allergic reaction. Abhi says so it’s finished, Mubarak to you Pragya because your wish is going to get fulfilled.

Mitali takes Aliya aside and tells Abhi and Pragya going to marry. Aliya says it won’t happen and I know how to stop them. Mitali asks whats her plan. Aliya says Raj bro knows it and she calls Raj.

Shahana asks Aryan to save her than she sees Ranbir is the one who bought her. Ranbir asks Shahana if she knows the reason behind Prachi change. Shahana says she didn’t know and tries to go after reminscing her promise to Prachi. Aryan stops her saying you know it. Ranbir says tell to Prachi that I won’t leave and I’m sorry for bringing you here and you can go.

Aliya goes to meet Digvijay and gives him file and tells him to use these papers when she asked him. Aliya thinks to use them when Abhi goes against her wishes.

Ranbir says don’t know how to find reason behind Prachi change and her Mom is not forcing her like my mom. Aryan says Pragya aunty is sweet and tells what happened during Diwali night too. Ranbir says I got it, Rhea is reason behind Prachi change and we have to know what deal Rhea is trying to do. Aryan says how can it be. Ranbir says only Prachi can answer and they goes to meet her. Pragya says Haldi Mubarak to you Abhi because my happiness lies in your happiness.