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The episode starts with Sanju says what will we he get if he steal money from Prachi house. Aliya asks him to leave. When Sanju about to leave saying he will search Prachi address than Riya stops him. Aliya leaves from that place saying

it’s waste of time. Riya says you have to steal the money otherwise Infront of your eyes Ranbir and Prachi will get married.

Maya calls Ranbir and asks him to talk with Dushyant. Dushyant asks him to take Maya to his cousin wedding. Ranbir says marriage is cancelled and he is going to Prachi for company work. Dushyant praises his dedication. Maya looks worried. Dushyant says you think he is meeting Prachi normally. Maya says yes Dushyant says than we have to Warn Prachi mom than we will know whether Ranbir is saying truth or not.

Riya says you’re loving her, so can’t you do this to get her? If you steal the money than Prachi will framed as culprit Infront of everyone a d this is last chance for you to get her and I will get my Ranbir. Sanju says he will finish her work. Abhi arrives to that room and asks Riya why you didn’t went to marriage. Riya says wo than notices Sanju hides behind cupboard than takes Abhi with her.

Prachi heards some noise and beard the person thinking he is thief but Ranbir shouts saying Prachi it’s me. Prachi says what are you doing here. Ranbir says I’m missing you. Pragya senses someone intrude in their home. Sanju arrives with his men at Prachi house and explains their plan to steal money. Riya calls Sanju and asks what happened. Sanju says he will call her once work is done.


Riya thinks Ranbir may search me in party and she calls him. Prachi asks why you came from window, you can call me from your mobile too, what will my mom thought if she saw us in one room. Ranbir says what will she say. Prachi says they will beat you than Pragya knocks Prachi door saying she heard someone entered to her room. Prachi says noone here and she asks Ranbir to hide and than she opens the door. Sarla Ben also enters and asks what happened. Pragya says I feel someone entered Prachi room.

Ranbir gets call from.Riya and he didn’t answer it. Dimpi reaches to Riya place. Riya thanks her for supporting her in tough times. Dimpi asks about Ranbir. Riya says she is planning something. Sanju and his men searches ways to enter the place. Sarla goes with Pragya to check the house. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave before they caught him. Ranbir tries to confess his feelings but he lost in Prachi eyes. Prachi asks what. Than Pragya calls her and she leaves  saying practice it next time to say what you want to say. Ranbir thinks don’t know what happens to me Infront of her.

Sanju sees Ranbir back from window and goes out. His men asks what happened. Sanju tries to call Riya but she won’t attend. Sanju says Riya gave contract to other men. His men says maybe he is from family. Sanju says this house is filled with ladies and only man will be mine their son in law. His men asks him to steal the money before other thief. Sanju says wow.

Shahana says she is getting sleep. Pragya asks her to sleep and asks Prachi to close doors. Shahana says she can’t sleep in Sarita Ben. Sarita asks Shahana to sleep in Prachi room. Prachi says shahana will tease me if She notice Ranbir in my room. Prachi asks for hit to kill cockroaches. Shahana runs to sleep with Sarita Ben after knowing Prachi room have cockroaches.