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Episode starts with Pragya leaves after congratulating Abhi for Haldi. Purab says you want to unite with Pragya di right, don’t do this marriage. Abhi says he is getting married by his wish and leaves. Aliya says you don’t want my brother happiness right. Purab says his happiness is with Pragya di. Aliya says you’re doing a mistake. Purab says I once did mistake by thinking you can change but you can never change. Aliya says you’re still same, stop blaming me because Abhi is getting married according to his choice. Purab misses Disha and thinks how they once unite Abhi and Purab.

Ranbir goes behind Prachi and she asks him to don’t follow her. Ranbir says I got to know why you’re doing this dram, you broke up with me because Rhea asked you to do it. Prachi turns otherside. Ranbir says don’t try to become other person which you can’t and look at me. Prachi remembers her mom pain and tells to Ranbir that she have mind and won’t follow anyone orders and if you have self respect leave me and don’t follow me.

Ranbir says I won’t leave you even you try to hurt me with words because our love is saying you’re lying and I can see it in your eyes. Prachi says listen to me otherwise next time I will also you. Saritha calls Prachi to come. Prachi says ok and leaves after asking Ranbir to move on forgetting their love. Ranbir thinks he can never forget his love. Saritha sees Prachi tears and asks what happened. Prachi says happy tears and they goes to their home.

Rhea reminsces her convo with Ranbir and Prachi and she goes to talk with Meera. Aliya takes Rhea with her saying Abhi is calling her regarding morning matter. Rhea feels happy and thinking her Dad is listening to her words. Aliya locks room door. Rhea asks why she lied to her. Aliya says I lied but you’re selfish. Rhea sats yes I’m selfish but not bad sister and Aunt like you. Aliya raises her hand. Rhea says slap me but I won’t change my decision. Aliya says nothing gonna change and my brother will marry Meera tomorrow. Rhea says I accept this challenge and Dad will marry my Mom not Meera aunty so wait and watch. Aliya thinks to remove Rhea from her path. Rhea sees Meera is not available in her room.

Pragya feels sad remembering Abhi words. Saritha says you’re hiding the pain of loosing your love and you will get to bear it with time. Pragya leaves saying she won’t attend the marriage. Saritha calls Baljeet and informs her that Pragya is denying to attend marriage. Baljeet says 3lifes will get spoiled so make it set with some plan and bring Pragya here. Saritha says ok.

Shahana tells to Prachi that she didn’t tell anything to anyone. Prachi says that how Ranbir is so sure. Ranbir says he can know her. Prachi says no one can love me like Ranbir and I can’t bear his hate. Ranbir thinks I always love you and will try to trace the problem and clear everything for us. Prachi in tears sleeps in Shahana’s lap. Shahana thinks Maasi is lucky to have you Prachi.

The next day Ranbir and jay came to kidnap Shahana. Jay denies but Ranbir makes him agree after telling his plan. Shahana and Saritha go to the market and they takes Shahana with them. Shahana scolds them. Jay ties her to the chair. Ranbir says sorry. Shahana asks why they Kidnapped her. Ranbir asks her to tell why Prachi changed. Shahana says Saritha Aunty will come here very soon searching me. Saritha notices Shahana is not with her.

Ranbir says it promises on me so Shahana to tell me the truth. Shahana says why you and Prachi take this kind of promise on you. Ranbir says so something is happened so don’t break promises and indicates to me with signs of whether I’m right. Ranbir says Prachi doesn’t want to break up with me and it’s because of Rhea. Shahana nods yes. Ranbir thanks her for help. Shahana goes to Saritha and they went to market again. Ranbir thinks to teach a lesson to Rhea.