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Episode starts with Rhea notices her photo with Aliya fell down than she thinks Vikram and Pallavi aunty are happy after hearing dad’s recovery but why Aliya, Tanu and Mitali are not happy? Mitali tells Aliya that she will hide Tanu in her room. Aliya scolds her. Mitali says Abhi still didn’t found Tanu tried to marry him. Tanu says Pragya might told him, wish Abhi get find after marrying me. Aliya says it’s your mistake that you didn’t marry Abhi because you’re drunk that day. Tanu says it’s Pragya who mixed something. Aliya blames Tanu for spoiling her plan.

Tanu blames Aliya for not executing the plan properly than she asks Aliya to search solution than they hear sounds and goes out noticing Abhi is throwing Tanu and Aliya bags. Tanu from hiding spot thinks it’s her bags. Aliya asks what’s he doing. Abhi says cleaning. Aliya says these are my bags. Abhi says I’m clearing unwanted things, if any things of you left here than call me I will send them to you and I get to know what you have done with Pragya, you kept me away from Pragya using Kiara death but we cleared that confusion and forgiving eachother.

Aliya scolds Mitali for treating Pragya badly, Pragya is my wife and owner of this house and you guys don’t have any place in my home so leave from here along with Tanu and Aliya. Abhi notices Tanu and asks her to leave from home immediately because I can’t bear you near me when I’m in not my senses than how I bear you when I’m in my senses, get out from my home otherwise I will throw you out. Mitali blames Tanu and Aliya provoked her and she begs Abhi to forgive her. Baljeet asks Abhi to allow Mitali saying she is their Bahu.

Abhi agrees and asks her to stay than he asks Tanu to leave immediately. Tanu leaves after taking her bags. Abhi asks Aliya to leave than he tells her that Pragya is Malkin of this house and who stays here must respect her. Mitali says she will respects Pragya and goes inside. Abhi goes to Rhea and says I know you love your Mom so much. Rhea agrees. Abhi goes to Dadi and tells her that I will bring Pragya to our place as my wife and Malkin of this house so please arrange for Gruhapravesh. Dadi happily hugs him. Aliya leaves with her bag.

Prachi reaches to home thinking Ranbir can talk with Rhea and it won’t affect me but why I felt bad. Pragya goes to Prachi. Prachi asks why are you crying mom? Pragya says I have a good news for you. Prachi says she too have an good news. Both says about Abhi. Pragya tells her tomorrow Abhi will take us to his place and how you found Abhi is fine. Prachi says Rhea called Ranbir to inform it than I get to know about it. Pragya says Ranbir is good guy, he knows my identity still helped me, hope you didn’t do mistake by not understanding him properly, I don’t asks you why you’re seperated but he is good person and I respect your decision. Prachi goes inside saying she have to freshen up.

Prachi breaksdown in her room. Shahana consoles her. Prachi says Ranbir is good but I’m very bad. Shahana says don’t blame yourself, you’re good girl. Prachi says if I’m good than I can never insult Ranbir’s love, he loves me alot but I’m making him to change, I just need punish for hurting him, I wish Ranbir gets whole world happiness. Shahana says you still have chances because Ranbir is not married to Rhea. Prachi says you’re not understanding, I will try to forget Ranbir. Shahana says you can’t remove Ranbir pic from your book than how can you remove him from your heart. Prachi says she can live seeing her parents happiness and thinks to live with Ranbir memories.

Aliya goes to Abhi room. Abhi asks why she didn’t went. Aliya asks him to tell where she gave to go. Abhi says it’s her wish. Aliya says you’re not caring me and you’re always prioritizing Pragya over me, if you’re binding with new relation that doesn’t mean you have to forget your blood relation and your change is the reason that changed me. Abhi says he don’t care for it. Aliya says I became stubborn for your love and you never tried to know why I changed, you married Pragya because of my wish than how can I bear if I’m not getting your love?

Didn’t Rhea became stubborn when she didn’t get her Mom love? And in the same way I couldn’t see when Pragya getting your love that’s why I tried to separate her from you and you’re reason for my behaviour change, sorry for it, Doctor asked me to sent you to mental hospital but I denied and I used to beat you for controlling you and I didn’t allowed Pragya near you because she left you on stretcher that’s why I’m scared for you. Abhi asks why you always think in negative way, maybe Pragya can went to meet Doctor right? Anyways my decision is final and you can’t stay here.

Episode ends.