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The episode starts with Rhea in her room thinks how to stop the marriage then she gets Prachi’s call. Prachi asks why she didn’t stop the marriage. Rhea says don’t ask me many times because I will do it. Prachi says I even broke up with Ranbir so please stop this marriage and make Mom and Dad get married to each other. Rhea says until now Ranbir didn’t accept your breakup so don’t forget even after our parent’s marriage I can break it if I found any relationship between you and Ranbir. Prachi says she doesn’t break her promise. Rhea says I will make Dad get married to Mom so don’t worry.

Aliya asks Abhi to get ready. Abhi says he will get ready. Rhea sees Aliya in Abhi room and goes to meet Meera. Aliya thinks it’s too late Rhea baby, I kept Meera in my room the whole night. Dadi thinks no one thinks about Abhi and only Pragya can stop this marriage and she goes to call Saritha.

Pragya cries reminiscing everything. Saritha asks Shahana to keep veggies in the fridge and she goes to Pragya and asks her do something before it’s going out of her hands. Pragya locks herself in the room. Saritha says your Mom will get sick if she is in this way. Prachi looks on. Saritha goes to attend the call.

Abhi goes out with his phone. Mitali says what if Pragya stops this marriage. Aliya scolds her and goes out. Dadi calls Saritha and gets to know Pragya has locked herself in the room and Saritha says she can’t do anything. Dadi feels sad.

Meera gets ready and thinks about Abhi’s moments with Pragya. Rhea goes to Meera’s room and asks where she went last night. Meera says she was with Aliya and asks why she is tensed. Rhea says you live me right so please stop this marriage. Meera says she will marry Mr. Mehra. Rhea says I emotionally blackmailed Dad and make him agree. Meera says you want it to happen right so I will do it and won’t back off. Rhea says if you marry dad then I will hate you for a lifetime. Meera says she will marry. Rhea says that everything is ended between us and goes to meet her Dad. Meera thinks only Pragya can stop this marriage because I know Abhi won’t back off from this marriage.

Pallavi shows the dress to Vikram. she bought for Rhea and says don’t know where is this Ranbir because I want to show it to him. Ranbir thinks she won’t let anyone break his love. Pallavi calls Ranbir inside and shows the dressage bought for his wife. Ranbir asks can he take that dress. Beeji says let him give it to his wife. Pallavi agrees. Ranbir goes out while talking with Jay on phone. Pallavi goes behind him to give the dress.

Mitali says Abhi will kick you out from home Aliya if he finds that you’re doing something against Rhea. Rhea goes to the storeroom to meet her Dad then notices the storeroom is empty. Aliya says I’m not harming her. Rhea thinks to leave from storeroom knowing it’s a trap but Aliya locks Rhea in the storeroom. Rhea cries thinking how to stop this marriage otherwise I won’t get Ranbir.

Shahana calls Aryan after seeing his message that she is a bad sister than he wonts attends the call, Shahana goes to teach him a lesson. Saritha gets a good smell and she goes to the kitchen and notices Prachi Is preparing favourite curry of Pragya. Saritha praises the taste of curry.

Pragya says she will open her eyes once he is married. Abhi says truth can’t be changed if you close your eyes, you don’t have the courage to attend my wedding. Pragya says if it’s ended then let it be. Abhi says you have to come for your Kumkum Pragya because I want you to witness it. Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s photo and says I will change your decision and we can never get separated.