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Episode starts with Raj asks what happened. Abhi says he got the Dadi who cares for him. Raj says it’s good that you got your Dadi. Abhi says he is missing Pragya. Raj reminsces how Pragya makes his Daughter married with her lover.

Abhi asks what happened. Raju says nothing and goes but thinks he can never forget the fact that Pragya is responsible for his separation with his Daughter. Dadi gives phone to Abhi.

Abhi calls Prachi and asks her about her health. Prachi says she is fine. Abhi says I couldn’t come to meet you because I’m hurt and she didn’t allowed me to meet you but I felt good after knowing you’re fine and I can sleep properly. Prachi asks him to take care and cuts the call and thinks glad Mehra sir didn’t know anything.

Ranbir sees ball in his room and reminsces how Prachi set everything in his room. Prachi too dances happily at her place and notices Payal in her feet happily than acts like sleeping seeing Pragya entry. Pragya checks Prachi and drapes Duvvet on her. Prachi thinks why I’m scared seeing my mom, is it love. Pragya thinks Riya became in this way because she don’t have Mom in her life.

Riya cries while reminscing how Ranbir hates her. Aliya thinks you have to feel this pain than only I can become your painkiller. Riya thinks Ranbir can hate me but I still love Ranbir.

Ranbir thinks to propose Prachi in special way and thinks how to make it special. Pragya leaves from Prachi room. Ranbir gets idea and calls Shahana. Shahana attends his Call. Saritha thinks who called to Shahana? Seems like someone in Shahana life. Ranbir asks for her help.

Shahana happily agrees for his plan and says love you for plan. Saritha asks whom you’re talking spoiling my broughtup. Ranbir says don’t inform our plan to Saritha ji. Shahana agrees. Saritha says you’re having affair. Shahana says nothing and sleeps. Saritha thinks to keep an eye on Shahana.

Pragya reminsces how Saritha curses Riya and her broughtup. Prachi hugs Pragya and offers to help her. Pragya asks her to take rest finishing the juice. Prachi leaves after kissing her.

Riya wakes up and sees Pragya pic and says Good morning Mom, I slept peacefully because of you, love you alot and you always says that you’re missing your other daughter, I’m also missing you alot that’s why we meet eachother and she calls Pragya. Pragya notices Riya call but didn’t answer her call.

Riya says I know you’re angry but you angry will be gone after knowing I’m your Daughter and I will tell you everything after meeting you and Messages Pragya. Riya messages Pragya to meet her. Pragya thinks why she wants to meet me? Thinks to meet her for one last time.

Aliya came to Riya room but Riya is in washroom and Aliya reads the messages and thinks Pragya don’t know Riya is her daughter so how to stop their meeting.

Prachi feels special seeing the decorations and notices Ranbir near window and he comes in with red rose and greeting card which have their moments and proposes her saying he loves her.