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Episode starts with Aliya apologies to Abhi for her mistakes and she tells him that she gonna respect Pragya as his wife and tells him that she don’t want to end their relationship in this way and she locks him in emotional way and begs him to give her last chance. Baljeet requests Abhi to forgive Aliya. Abhi allows Aliya to stay in his home and he warns her to never repeat her mistakes. Aliya agrees and hugs Baljeet. Bindya calls Pragya and informs her that Prachi accepted the USA alliance. Pragya tells her Prachi won’t accept without telling her. Bindya says I’m not forcing your daughter, please talk with her and let me know. Pragya questions Prachi if she agreed for USA alliance. Prachi says yes than Pragya asks how she took big step without informing her? Prachi leaves saying Rhea is going to marry that’s why your other daughter also want to marry. Shahana comes to that place. Pragya asks if she knows about it. Shahana signs no.

Pragya calls Bindya and cancels the match than she shared this matter with Saritha. Saritha asks why Prachi accepted the alliance. Pragya says Prachi is telling she wants to marry before Rhea but I feel their is something wrong happening with Prachi. Saritha says leave your sad mood because my Jamai going to come and she makes Pragya smile than they hears calling bell sound.

Pragya opens the door and emotionally hugs Abhi and takes him inside in tears. Abhi asks why he is crying. Pragya tells how she felt scared thinking something may stop their union. Abhi blames himself for not giving her rights. Pragya asks him to don’t blame himself. Abhi tells her how he throwed Tanu from home and sets everything at home to give her complete rights. Pragya feels good. Saritha asks Abhi to promise her that he will take care of Pragya. Abhi promises her that he will keep Pragya happy. Abhi.asks where is Prachi. Pragya says she went to office than Saritha ji performs their Aarti for vidhai and gives her blessings to them. Pragya hugs Saritha ji than she goes with Abhi. Saritha notices Diya is blown off and thinks it’s inauspicious than she prays god to take care of Pragya.

Vikram scolds Ranbir for not finishing project on time. Prachi tells them she will leave but Vikram stops her saying he promised me to finish the project yesterday itself but he slept drinking heavily and you’re his friend so tell him to finish work on time. Ranbir promises to finish the work on time than Vikram leaves from his cabin.

Saritha worriedly thinks how can she live without Prachi and Pragya than she switches in the TV and notices situation is not good outside because of political party issues. Saritha feels worried and calls Pragya to know their condition. Pragya tells her they reached to home and than Abhi shows live of their Gruhapravesh to Saritha ji. Mitali asks Abhi to hold Pragya hand and takes the phone from him. Abhi asks Aliya to perform their Grihapravesh. Aliya performs their Grihapravesh. Baljeet sends Mitali to get Kumkum water. Pragya enters the home happily. Everyone feels happy.

Episode ends.