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Episode starts with Ranbir proposes to Prachi saying she is his world and asks can she accept him. Pragya thinks to inform Prachi before going to meet Rhea. Saritha asks did he proposed to her. Shahana says don’t know and than gets tensed seeing Pragya going to Prachi room.

Pragya goes to Prachi room and sees the decorations and Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi gets tensed. Pragya says I like your choice. Everyone feels happy. Pragya says sorry Ranbir for entering here in wrong time and I’m ok Prachi decision. Prachi about to say something but Pragya and Saritha leaves from room.

Aryan eagerly waits for Ranbir call but he didn’t call him than Aryan calls Ranbir and asks what happened? And questions whether he proposed to Prachi or not and what’s her answer. Aliya overhears their convo. Ranbir says he proposes to Prachi. Aryan asks Did Prachi accepted your proposal.

Ranbir says yes and her Mom came to room at that time. Aryan says than my hardwork failed. Ranbir says order your favourite brand because Prachi Mom too accepted my love. Aryan feels happy and scolds him for teasing him. Ranbir says let’s celebrate. Aryan sees Aliya and says Hi Mom. Aliya leaves thinking thanks Aryan for this info it’s needed for Riya.

Riya thinks who saw Mom’s reply. Aliya came to Riya room. Riya scolds her for seeing her phone without her permission. Aliya asks Did you tell why you want to kill Prachi. Riya says I told her that I felt insecure seeing Dad bond with Prachi. Aliya asks whether she tell her about Ranbir.

Riya says I told her that I don’t like when Ranbir is taking stand for Prachi. Do you have any more questions? Because my Mom is waiting for me. Aliya says you indirectly told to Pragya that you like Ranbir. Riya says yes and today noone can stop me to meet my Mom. Aliya says she is not your Mom, she is just acting and didn’t complained against you because she plans to make you depressed and Pragya loves only Prachi not you. Riya says you’re lying.

Aliya says Pragya loves Prachi that’s why she left you with us and now she is giving your love Ranbir to Prachi accepting their love. Riya gets shocked saying my Mom won’t do it, you’re lying. Aliya says she did it. Riya says my mom loves me and she won’t think to hurt me. Aliya calls Aryan and asks him to come to Riya room. Aryan comes to their room and Aliya asks Aryan to tell everything to Riya. Aryan thinks it’s better to Hint Riya and says Prachi Mom accepted Ranbir and Prachi love. Aliya send him out. Riya gets shocked.

Ranbir about to leave but Saritha insists Ranbir to stay for some time and she takes Shahana with her to clean the room. Pragya leaves to meet Riya.

Aliya instigates Riya against Pragya saying Pragya already rejected you 20years back and badmouths about Pragya. Riya says stop it because of your hate you already separated Mom and Dad. Aliya says Pragya is separating you from your Ranbir and Dad,if she loves you she may search for you because searching Abhi address is easy but she didn’t need you that’s why didn’t came back to home because she loves Prachi. Riya says nothing can stop me to meet my Mom. Aliya holds her hand but Riya leaves saying even you can’t stop me.