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Episode starts with Rhea cries thinking her Mom left her with her wish and noone forced her. Pragya knocks the door asking her to open the door otherwise she calls the manager. Abhi says are you explaining her or provoking her. Aliya says she did right and he will know it when time comes and leaves. Abhi calls Rhea but she didn’t attend his call and goes out.

Rhea tells Pragya that whatsoever the reasons, if a mother leaves her child then she is not a mother, but a selfish woman. Pragya says your family and I love you. Rhea says such talks don’t look good from your mouth because left your newly born daughter and says you are not a mother, but a joke on mother’s name. Pragya gets shocked and reminsces their past and thinks how Rhea got to know that I left my other kid.

Abhi comes to Aliya and questions why you talked bad about Pragya Infront of me,now Rhea will believe all these things and it may increase hate in her. Aliya says Rhea feels Pragya is loving her other daughter and left her thinking she is unlucky. Abhi says but you know the truth. Aliya says I know the truth but Rhea is asking why her Mom didn’t came to meet her.

Abhi says we changed address and later Pragya wants to meet her but you told her that Rhea hates her so she couldn’t meet Rhea because of some reasons. Aliya says Pragya didn’t tried properly and you know that Riya loves Ranbir and you promised her to talk with Vikram but you’re not doing anything for her and she is feeling that you’re not caring for her. Abhi feels sad and than he gets Vikram call saying he’s back and calls Abhi to their place. Abhi goes to meet him.

Ranbir hands get burned while preparing Tea. Prachi scolds him and cares his hand. Both spends lovely moments together. Ranbir thinks getting care from Prachi seems good and than he holds hot vessle again than Prachi makes him place his hand in cold water and cares his hand and asks him to won’t tell to Pallavi aunty otherwise she may feel I making you work in kitchen. Ranbir adores her. Both losts in eachother. Shahana smiles seeing them.

Saritha touches her than Shahana shouts and Prachi and Ranbir gets interrupted. Ranbir serves tea to them. Rhea sits in her car with tears and reminsces Aliya words that Pragya gave her love Ranbir to Prachi. Pragya comes out and questions Rhea If she knows about her other daughter and begs Rhea to tell her details in tears. Rhea thinks forget everything like I’m going forget you and leaves in her car saying good bye forever. Pragya runs behind her car and fell down. Rhea sadly notice her from mirror.

Prachi happily plays with balloons and reminsces Ranbir proposal holding greeting card. Ranbir goes to her room and asks her to apply Ointment to him. Ranbir sees Card with Prachi and asks Did you read it. Prachi feels shy. Ranbir says she looks good when she fells shy.

Prachi says she is not. Ranbir says you’re hiding something from me because I can read your feelings. Prachi says ointment and applies it to him. Subanallah plays in the background. Ranbir adjusts her hair and asks her to read his heart. Prachi asks how than he makes her place her hand on his chest. Prachi feels his heart beat. Riya gets shocked seeing them from window and leaves in tears. Ranbir says you can find name my heart is saying. Prachi leaves in shy mode.