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Episode starts with Aliya tells to inspector that Tanu is intentionally trying to assassinate her brother character. Tanu says you bought me to home and asked me to seduce Abhi to get closer to him, isn’t it. Aliya says I asked you to take care of my Brother and she holds Tanu hand to make her leave from their place. Tanu complains to inspector about Aliya. Inspector asks Aliya to leave Tanu otherwise we have to take action against you. Abhi asks inspector to arrest Tanu for blaming him with fake allegations. Inspector says Tanu have proof. Pragya takes Tanu aside. Abhi asks what’s the proof. Inspector says proof will be disclosed Infront of megistrate. Pragya asks Tanu to leave home taking police. Tanu says I won’t leave this time and I will prove that he raped me. Pragya says you don’t get anything by proving it and his life and family gets ruined. Tanu says I don’t care about his family and now my win will be slap to you. Pragya goes to inspector and tells him that her husband is innocent and Tanu is falsely alleging him to take her revenge.

Constable informs media is surrounded the building. Inspector asks him to close the main door. Tanu tells to inspector that Pragya offered her money to take back her case. Inspector asks Contestable to arrest Abhi and he warns Aliya that they will arrest her if she tries to stop them. Pragya won’t allow them to arrest Abhi than Contestable beats her hand than Abhi gets angry and assures to Pragya that nothing will happen to him and he asks Inspector to arrest him.

Prachi goes to Saritha place. Saritha feels happy. Ranbir returns phone to Prachi. Saritha thanks him for dropping Prachi at home than she invites him to have tea. Ranbir leaves saying his family members are waiting for him and don’t worry situations are getting settled outside and I may even drop my peon to home if he is in Prachi place. Saritha tries to talk with Prachi but Prachi goes inside saying she have to change her dress.

Inspector arrests Abhi and he asks Contestable to get the vehicle. Media people beats door to enter inside. Constable says it’s tough to leave from mein door than they about to leave from backdoor but some of media reporters enters through backdoor and telecast the news that Abhi is getting arrested for taping Tanu. Pragya tells to Reporter that her husband is innocent. Reporter won’t listen her words and Tanu shows her fake tears. Abhi attacks reporter when he couldn’t bear his behaviour with Pragya. Aliya questions Tanu why she is doing it. Tanu says you didn’t support me when I needed so don’t expect good from me. Inspector makes Abhi leave the reporter and takes Abhi with them. Tanu tells to everyone that you broke my heart for Pragya and you guys did Pragya Grihapravesh and I will make Abhi rot in jail for 14years. Pragya tells her she will make Abhi gets released from jail in 14 hours proving her lies. Tanu tells her she have an evidence.

Pragya runs out to Abhi. Reporters questions whom Pragya will support. Pragya tells them Abhi is innocent and she begs inspector to not arrest Abhi believing fake allegations. Inspector tells her it’s their duty and takes Abhi with them. Pragya looks helpless. Tanu about to leave but Pragya requests her by folding her hands. Tanu leaves happily.

Aliya tries to contact Lawyer. Mitali questions Aliya why Tanu is not listening her words. Aliya tells them how she broke her friendship with Tanu for her family. Pragya goes inside. Aliya blames Pragya for bringing problems in their life. Baljeet asks Aliya to stop blaming Pragya and that Tanu is lying. Aliya says Tanu make Abhi gets arrested it’s because of Pragya. Baljeet asks Aliya to stop. Aliya says Tanu reacted in this way when he bought Pragya to home and this problem caused because of your entry to our place and you always bring problems to us so leave from here because we are tired to face problems because of you. Pragya looks shocked.

Episode ends.