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Episode starts with Meera runs out and notices Abhi car is not at that place so she thinks Abhi and Rhea may reaches to home. Aliya calls Meera and asks what happened. Meera in tears says Abhi and Rhea  may reached to home, their is robbery happening at jewellery store until now I’m worried for them, than she sees the car and worriedly informs Aliya that Abhi and Rhea are strucked. Aliya asks Meera to wait outside in the show room and she calls Police station.

Contestable informs Aliya that best officer Saho went to handle the case. On the way Saho assures his official on call that he will catch the culprits without any casualties. Robber asks Pragya to tell them about Key location. Pragya says key is not with me, how can you kill others for a piece of jewellery. Goon says it’s worth of 25crores so tell me the location. Pragya says she have to talk with  Ramnik lal alone to tell them details. Goon agrees.

 Ramnik lal says he won’t go anywhere. Abhi promises to promote his showroom and invest in his ventures. Ramnik lal tries to deny. Abhi says Prachi is my daughter Andi can do anything to save her so agree with me and Pragya. Ramnik lal thinks if Abhi reveals to goons that key is with me than robbers take me at gun point And I may loss my life and necklace than he agrees to talk with Pragya. Pragya goes aside with Ramnik lal and begs him to give the key to save her daughter life.

 Ramnik lal says Abhi is correct they may kill everyone if they got necklace. Pragya says Abhi is wrong and warns Ramnik lal to agree with her otherwise she informs to goons that key is with him. Abhi comes to them. Robber asks what’s happening, at that time Ramnik lal runs out from show room. Goon goes inside seeing police team. Ramnik lal asks Saho to save his shop. Meera asks them to save her family. Saho assures to save everyone and asks how many members strucked inside.

 Meera says Abhi and his daughter is strucked inside. Saho says it’s becoming tough because celebrity inside. Abhi and Pragya fights with eachother and Pragya blames Abhi for everything. Goon points gun at Abhi and Pragya and takes them to hall and informs to his men that police surrounded the show room and Saho is leading the operation.

Tony and his gang aim gun at Abhi and says they will kill everyone if they don’t get key. Rhea gets hyper and reveals that key must be with Ramnik lal and reveals that they don’t have key. Everyone thinks goon may kill everyone knowing key is not with them. Rhea cries and apologies to her dad for her mistake. Goon aims gun at Rhea and asks her to get the information of key from Ramnik lal in 5 minutes otherwise we kill your Dad.

 Everyone gets shocked. Pragya says Rhea is kid and can’t do it so I will do it. Goon denies to send Pragya and they asks Prachi to do the work. Abhi says he will go to get the key. Goons denies saying Abhi is important to them. Goons asks Prachi to do their work. Prachi agrees and asks them to not harm her Dad. Goons warns her saying she just have 5minutes.


Media covers everything. Saho asks Media to go inside showroom. Media stays silent. Saho says let us work and leave from here. Some goon watches news. Saho asks Media to give him 30minutes to catch the culprits. Meera asks Saho to save Abhi and Rhea. Saho says he saves everyone. They sees Prachi coming out, Saho asks how she came out alone. Prachi says they need key to save her Dad and everyone life. Saho asks Ramnik lal about key.

 Ramnik lal says key is in Antique store room under stool. Saho asks Prachi to informs this to goons and assures her that he will save them. Prachi runs inside. Goons gets call from GoGa Bhai and he warns Goon to get the necklace if they wants to stay alive. Tony and his man gets worried. Aliya reaches near store but police won’t allow her. Aliya calls Meera and assures her that Abhi will be safe. Ranbir reaches to that place and fights with contestable to allow him inside to save his chief and Prachi. Saho asks contestable to arrest Ranbir. Aryan and Aliya tries to stop Ranbir. Prachi reaches to inside and tells goons that key is under box in antique jewellery room. Tony asks Prachi to come with them but Abhi goes with them to save Prachi.