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Episode starts with Abhi reaches to Vikram’s place. Pallavi serves them tea. Vikram asks what’s disturbing your mood Abhi. Abhi tells them that he wants Riya to get married to their Ranbir and asks their opinion for this alliance. Pallavi smiles and says I knew it because Ranbir and Rhea love each other. Vikram says why didn’t you inform us. Beeji thinks I thought Ranbir loves someone, anyways No problem Riya is like our daughter. Everyone accept their alliance. Abhi goes to inform this to Rhea.

Ranbir thinks today is best day in his life because of Prachi. Vikram calls Ranbir and asks him to return home so they can discuss an important matter. Pallavi, Beeji says inform him about alliance and Marriage. Ranbir smiles thinking they are talking about his marriage with Prachi. Vikram says let him reach to home. Ranbir says his answer is yes and excitedly cuts the call. Vikram says seems like Rhea informed Ranbir and he agreed for the marriage. Pallavi and Beeji gets excited and they dance happily with Vikram.

Abhi calls Rhea but she won’t answer his calls and feels sad while reminiscing her moments with Ranbir and how Ranbir and his family likes Prachi. Rhea answers Abhi call and says I love you Dad. Abhi says your marriage gonna happen with Ranbir but she couldn’t hear his voice and call gets ended. Abhi thinks Rhea is happy after hearing this news. Rhea reminisces Ranbir hate for her and then she thinks I love you Dad but I don’t like my life that’s why I’m planning to end my life, so sorry Dad and she tries to jump in the valley but some lady stops her.

Prachi gets Rani’s call and Rani scold her why she didn’t inform her about the accident. Prachi says it’s not marriage news to inform everyone. Both talk about their parents. Then Prachi promotes Rani’s story.

Pragya reaches to home in distress and thinks about how Rhea got to know about her past than Pragya thinks I told her some things and maybe Rhea is relating me to her Mom and she can hate me but I love Rhea and it’s my duty to clear her problems and she about to go but Saritha stops her and asks where is she going.

Pragya says I’m going to Mehra place regarding Rhea matter and I feel someone from her home is provoking Rhea so I’m going tell Mehra to give some time for Rhea. Prachi asks what happened. Pragya says nothing. Ranbir says his parents agreed for his marriage with Prachi and maybe they might come here after some time with Shagun and leaves from that place. Prachi and Ranbir smile. Saritha says let’s start the preparation and Shahana takes Prachi with her to choose the dress. Pragya thinks to meet Mehra in the next day and she calls Rhea

Rhea reaches to home and reminds how everyone stopped her suicide attempt and those people says you’re daughter of rockstar Abhi right and Rhea leaves from that place when those people informed to police. Rhea leaves in car and cries seeing Pragya missed calls.