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The episode starts with Dadi waking up and asking her family where is Purvi. Harleen says Purvi is in a place where she should be. Harleen says Purvi is in jail. Dadi asks Harleen why is Purvi in jail. Harleen says they found counterfeit currency with Purvi. Dadi asks Harleen what is going on. Harleen says when she sent Purvi to house for her treatment, Purvi took that money and gave that money for her family and used counterfeit currency to pay for her treatment and she gets caught. Dadaji couldn’t believe that Purvi stole money from them. Harleen comments on Dadaji as he pities Purvi. Harleen says to her family that none of the family members of this house will talk or get Purvi out of the police station.

Prachi feels as if everything is going out of her hands and comments on it. Ashok says to Prachi that she is their strength and what will they do if she loses hope. Prachi agrees and says she will not lose hope and she asks Ashok not to tell anyone in the house that she cried.

Monisha celebrates to herself thinking that Purvi has finally left this house. Monisha says to Deepika that she really enjoyed seeing hate for Purvi in Harleen’s eyes and comments on it. Deepika says to Monisha that due to Purvi going to jail their reputation will be destroyed. Monisha says she has a way so that their reputation will not be destroyed. Monisha says they will reveal to the news company which took Purvi’s photos that RV and Purvi are going to be seperated. Monisha says with this their reputation will not be damaged. Deepika says for that they need RV’s consent. Monisha says RV will agree as RV married Purvi in the first place to take revenge on her.

Visakha asks Prachi to take care of herself. Trishna comes to Prachi to check on her. Trishna says to Prachi that Gajendra has some work with her. Trishna later takes Prachi out. Trishna asks Prachi to tell the truth and asks Prachi what is going on as all of her things are packed. Trishna asks Prachi to tell her if she is in any problem. Prachi says Purvi is in jail for counterfeit currency. Trishna hearing this asks Prachi not to worry and says they will get Purvi out of jail tomorrow as right now it is too late. Krishna comes and take Trishna away from there.

Krishna says to Trishna that she feels as if his heart is in pain. Trishna says nothing will happen to him.

Armaan and Khushi come to the police station to meet Purvi but the police inspector doesn’t allow Khushi to meet Purvi and sends them away.

Armaan and Khushi come to Prachi and they greet her. Prachi says she is relieved that Khushi is here as she doesn’t know what she has to do. Khushi says they will get Purvi out tomorrow and she asks why are all the luggage packed. Prachi says they are going to start painting works. Khushi decides to stay for tonight in Prachi’s house.

The next day, Monisha wakes up due to Deepika’s call and talks to her over the phone. Monisha says she is going to meet Purvi to see how is she suffering. Deepika cuts the call seeing Vikram coming towards her. Deepika talks with Vikram and comments on him as he doesn’t even recall when they went to shopping last time.

Monisha talks with RV’s photo saying he belongs to her and she will throw Purvi out if his life soon.

Episode ends.