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The episode starts with Pragya says so Bittu was correct. Sanju asks what Bittu told to her. Pragya asks what’s he doing here. Rhea asks who called you here Sanju. Pragya says stop it I will talk with you later and people who hurt my daughter deserves punishment. Sanju escapes from window. Pragya goes behind him.

Rhea gets scared thinking Abhi may found our so she follows them. Prachi asks whether she saw her Mom. Shahana sats No and don’t you feel Mehra sir is talking with you very sweetly. Abhi says their is small misunderstanding previously because of Rhea otherwise he is always sweet. Shahana says won’t you feel he us behaving like your Dad. Saritha and Aliya overhears their convo.

Prachi says emotions are real. Shahana says emotions are real, relation isn’t real, there is difference in just calling him dad and being dad. Prachi says Abhi and I don’t see this difference, some relations made with heart and are special, our relation is same kind. Aliya says why are you staying here? Pragya goes to home so it’s better if you too leave from here.

Sanju forgets his car keys in Rhea room. Pragya caughts Sanju and beats him tried to kill her daughter. Sanju gets knife and scares Pragya to harm her but she won’t care and he places knife at Pragya neck. Rhea sees them and asks Sanju to leave her. Sanju says how to leave her? She may get me arrested. Rhea says please leave her. Pragya sats do you know Sanju? Ranbir comes to that place. Sanju escapes throwing Pragya and Ranbir goes behind him. Rhea tries to help Pragya but Pragya denies to take Rhea help and asks her to stay away while reminscing how Rhea tried to hurt and kill Prachi everytime. Pragya strucked in crackers but Rhea saves her.

Aliya thinks Meera can keep Pragya away from Abhi. Abhi asks where she went all these time. Meera thinks he us missing her but he asks where is Rhea. Meera says Rhea went Dimpi home and retuned to our place than Dadi calls him and he gets busy with guest. Meera thinks Abhi is not written in her destiny. Aliya thinks to plan something to unite Abhi with Meera.

Rhea asks whether it’s hurting her. Pragya says don’t touch me because you’re selfish that’s why wants to kill Prachi, that driver told me the truth and that time Prachi got saved and now you hired Sanju to kill her, you don’t have heart that’s why you tried to kill her. Rhea says no. Pragya asks why you blamed Prachi for your Suicide and why you lied to everyone that Prachi comes in between you and Ranbir? I raised my daughter and I know she won’t do anything wrong. Rhea says stop it you can only see Prachi that’s why I wants to kill her. Pragya slaps her and asks her to never talk about her daughter death. Rhea says she is noone to me. Pragya sats Prachi is your sister and I’m your Mom. Rhea says you’re just namesake Mom who don’t care for your other daughter. Pragya says Beta but Rhea stops her and cries.

Aliya pours drink in Abhi suit and he goes to change his dress. Aliya thinks to send Meera to his room to prove Pragya that they are having affair when she is far from Abhi.

Rhea says you slapped me because I want to kill Prachi but that time I don’t know she is my sister and once I know she is my sister I had some soft corner for her but Because of your comparison I became like before and why you love Prachi more than me? You didn’t even come to meet me when I’m hospitalised.

Pragya tries to answer but Rhea won’t give her chance. Rhea says I’m nothing to you because Prachi is your Daughter and you don’t even think about me but fact is I waited for 20 years for my Mom but you ended it because Prachi is everything to you so stay away from me. Pragya goes behind her but Rhea warns her to stay away from her eyes.

Aliya asks Meera to help Abhi to choose his Kurta. Meera agrees. Aliya gets office call. Dadi sees everything and thinks so Aliya is trying to unite Meera with Abhi but Abhi is belongs to Pragya and she stops Meera.

Abhi realises that’s not drink and it’s just water and thinks about where is Pragya. Dadi asks Meera to prepare coffee for Abhi. Meera agrees. Dadi thinks she is innocent that’s why Aliya is using her and Dallu is right something happened between Pragya and Aliya but I won’t tell it to Abhi because it may spoil his mood.