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Episode starts with Abhi excitingly waits outside the door, Pragya reaches near to foor. Aliya tries to close Car door but it’s get jammed. Sarita Ben reaches to home and searches for her medicine. Pragya opens the door and notices Vikram. Vikram takes Pragya inside and informs Pragya that his friend is excited to meet her, he will come after closing the car door. Abhi helps Aliya to close the door.

Sarita calls Pragya for her medicines. Pragya notices Saritha shaky voice and leaves to home informing others that Sarita health is not good. Pragya leaves beside from Abhi and he notices someone is leaving in taxi. Abhi comes inside and asks for Prachi mom. Sarita talks with Pallavi and she asks Pallavi to give phone to him. Saritha says hello beta im sorry, it’s my mistake that she left from their without meeting you because if my call. Abhi says she did right. Saritha says next time I will make you meet her. Abhi says Pakka. Saritha asks him to fix the date so she can make Prachi mom to wear his favourite colour. Abhi says Red. Abhi and Aliya leaves from Vikram house.

Prachi and Shahana about to leave but Dushyant arrives to Vikram house with his family members and apologies to Ranbir family for his mistake and he asks them to not punish Maya for his mistake and he request them to not break the alliance of Ranbir and Maya. Pallavi says they don’t like this marriage proposal anymore.

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Mrs Chaubay says Maya loves Ranbir. Pallavi says I don’t care about it. Mrs Chaubay silently informs Pallavi that  Dushyant men will burn them alive if they won’t agree for marriage. Vikram asks them to leave otherwise he will call Police. Pallavi says Maya marriage will happen with Ranbir. Vikram and others gets shocked but Pallavi is adamant.

Mr and Mrs Chaubay says let’s do the shopping and they invited Pallavi and others for shopping. Pallavi asks Prachi to come along with them for shopping. At shopping mall Mrs Chaubay goes to downstairs than Ranbir and Beeji asks Pallavi why she agrees for Marriage. Pallavi reveals she agreed to save everyone from Dushyant men and reveals them about Mrs Chaubay Threat. Everyone gets shocked. Beeji says Ranbir it’s your mistake to look this much good. Prachi says Maya love is not genuine. Pallavi asks them to finish the shopping so they can leave home to think about it.

Ranbir asks what are you thinking. Prachi says this time I’m thinking to help you for making Maya jealous and don’t worry this time she won’t do suicide because she loves Rahul and this time we have to act in love to make her leave from your life. Ranbir says I thought our love will continue even after Maya exit. Prachi asks what. Ranbir says nothing.

Maya asks Mrs Chaubay about Ranbir and goes towards him Mr Chaubay notices the lady who asks him to treat his mad daughter. That lady tries to run. Mr Chaubay send his men to caught her.

Dushyant goes to Aliya house. Aliya asks him to leave from her house and says she is not Pallavi to get scared because of his warnings. Prachi and Ranbir again acts Infront of Maya and she gets angry and takes Ranbir with her.