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The episode starts with Alia telling Rhea that Ranbir got stabbed while trying to save Prachi’s nuptial chain. Rhea asks won’t they know about Ranbir. Alia says they don’t know and we have to use this situation in our favor and against Prachi. Rhea asks what if they question how they know how it happens.

Alia tells her she will explain on the way. Prachi recalls the Doctors warning. She tells Shahana that she won’t trouble Ranbir once he gets out of danger and Doctor told me that Ranbir has to gain consciousness in 6 hours and he has to wake up for me then I will reveal to him that his third dream is going to be get fulfilled.

Rhea tells Pallavi and others that Ranbir got attacked infront of Prachi and he is struggling for his life as he got stabbed while saving the nupital chain of Prachi. Pallavi gets angry. Rhea says Ranbir’s life is cheaper than Nupital chain and I get this information from Pini ki Mom and it’s not love. Pallavi says I know that Prachi is responsible for Ranbir’s state and this time I won’t leave her. Pallavi leaves from there to search for Prachi. Alia praises Rhea’s acting.

Prachi comes to Ranbir’s room. She sees him through the mirror and tells they are becoming parents and he has to wake up to know it from her. Vikram tries to stop Pallavi. Prachi asks What happened. Pallavi asks her to tell the planning of Ranbir’s murder. Vikram asks her to not create the issue as it’s a hospital. Pallavi says it’s a plan of Prachi.

Prachi asks why will she do it. Rhea says you did it for your ego and you want to prove that you’re responsible and saved your nuptial chain risking Ranbir’s life. Prachi says Ranbir came there without my knowledge and goons after like they sent by someone. Rhea asks if she is blaming her. The nurse warns them to not disturb the patient with their issue. Pallavi feels dizzy.

The doctorctor checks Pallavi. Prachi says she might have not taken her medicine. Pallavi asks Prachi to leave telling her bp goes high if she is infront of her. Prachi leaves the room asking Rhea to take care of Pallavi. Doctor gives an injection knowing she didn’t take her medicine. Vikram leaves. Alia asks Pallavi to search for a permanent solution to Prachi’s problem before she loses her son. Pallavi looks on.

Prachi’s doctor sees Ranbir. Doctor who treated Ranbir takes her out. Prachi comes to Ranbir’s room. She tells an unconscious Ranbir about her pregnancy and promises him that she won’t hurt him again. She gets worried seeing the beeping sound of machines. Doctor sends her out telling they will check him. Prachi comes out and thinks how Pallavi blamed her for Ranbir’s state.

Doctor holds Prachi when she is about to fall down. Prachi tells she is worried for Ranbir. Doctor warns Prachi that she may lose her Babu if she won’t take rest. Prachi agrees to take a rest. Doctor sees Pallavi. Prachi requests her to not tell Pallavi about her pregnancy. Doctor warns Prachi that she will reveal everything to Pallavi if she didn’t leave to home.

Episode ends.