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Episode starts with Aliya says Riya commited suicide after knowing that she lost Ranbir to Prachi. Abhi looks sad. Nurse asks Abhi to come with her so she can dress his burned hand. Abhi says he is fine and asks about Riya condition. Dadi says says Abhi than he goes with Nurse.

Bubbles fell on Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi feels happy and plays with those bubbles, Ranbir happily witness her play. Inteha plays in the background. Ranbir asks do you know why boy makes his gf wear ring for this ring finger? It connects with heart and when I make you wear this ring understand that my feelings reached to your heart, may I make you wear this ring? Prachi agrees in her heart. Ranbir says he never break her trust and about to make her wear the ring considering her silence as answer but their moment get interrupted by Pallavi call and ring fell down. Ranbir attends the call and gets shocked knowing Riya suicide. Pallavi asks him to reach hospital immediately.

Ranbir agrees. Prachi gets the ring and asks what happened. Ranbir says to Prachi about Riya suicide. Prachi wants to accompany him but Ranbir denies. Prachi places ring in his hand and asks him to take care. Ranbir says his second attempt of proposal is failed but he promised her to finish it.

Vikram consoles Pallavi. Pallavi says we know the stubbornness of Riya but I never expected she tries to burn herself and don’t know how much alone she felt inside her heart, I know that Ranbir and Riya loves eachother but I don’t tell to anyone and if I revealed it than Prachi didn’t get chance to play these games.

Beeji says we all know Prachi is pure hearted and helped is many times, we doubted her many times but everytime we are wrong than how can we trust that video proof. Pallavi says that video is recorded by Police so it can’t be fake. Beeji says Prachi helped us many times.

Pallavi says if Prachi is good than why she sit in the mandap without informing us. Beeji about to say something but Pallavi stops her saying Prachi wants to marry Ranbir to take revenge on Riya and If Maya didn’t came to Mandap then Ranbir may married to Prachi and she may get her revenge on Riya. Ranbir goes to them and asks if Prachi and Maya are friends and it’s their plan than why Maya stopped our marriage. Pallavi says maybe for money because these people can go anything and we saw Maya video saying Prachi is culprit.

Ranbir shouts Maya is lier. Vikram shouts on Ranbir and asks him not talk with his Mom in this way at this time. Ranbir says sorry but can’t heard these lies against Prachi. Pallavi in tears says Prachi is separating them, first she separated Ranbir from Riya and now she is separating me and my son. Ranbir asks when Prachi separated him and Riya. Pallavi says Riya commited suicide because of You and Prachi. Beeji nods.

Doctors treat Riya and Abhi in tears reminsces his past moments with Riya than asks Nurse about Riya condition. Nurse says she is fine. Abhi gets hyper saying if Riya is fine than why can’t I meet her. Dadi consoles him and sends Nurse. Aliya says why are you showing your anger in Nurse when it’s for Prachi. Tai asks Aliya why she hides this matter from everyone. Dadi says let Abhi thinks about his daughter, don’t make him feel guilty , let’s discuss about this later and prays god for quick recovery of Riya. Aliya leaves saying she can’t stay silent. Abhi reminsces how Riya used to feel bad when he supports Prachi. Abhi hugs Dadi.

Prachi says why Riya committed suicide. Shahana says she don’t deserve your concern so don’t think about her and it might be her plan to get attention. Prachi says why will she risk her life. Shahana says Riya always spoils your moment with Ranbir. Prachi says maybe Riya is in some problem. Shahana says Riya had everything in her life so stop worrying about her and goes to make her sandwich. Prachi prays God to give the thing what Riya needed in her life.

Ranbir asks what’s she saying. Pallavi says you won’t meet Prachi from now onwards and our ties with her ended. Saritha says let’s buy Sugar free, what if someone from her family had Diabetes. Pragya says they don’t have diabetes because Prachi told me that their family is healthy and Pallavi used to feel hyper. Saritha says seems like they are in love from long back. Pragya says she is doing everything without taking answer from Prachi and she thinks to call Prachi to know about her feelings. Beeji says it’s hospital Pallavi so let’s talk about it later. Ranbir says how can you blame Prachi because of one Video, don’t hate Prachi because I love Prachi and wants to marry her because she is my life. Pallavi slaps him.