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The episode starts with Harleen hearing what Purvi said to RV thinks Purvi will destroy their home. Harleen leaves from there with Vaishali. RV asks Purvi what is she saying. Purvi asks RV if he is feeling bad. Purvi says if he is feeling bad then he should know that he did a mistake. Purvi says to RV that no matter what Vikrant has done he should not speak to Vikrant like that as Vikrant is his elder brother. Purvi says to RV that he is really blessed to have a family like it. Purvi says to RV that he should go and apologise to Vikrant. RV goes to take the call.

RV runs into Khushi outside the police station. Khushi argues with RV and accuses RV of sending Purvi to jail. RV says she is again misunderstanding him and comments on her. RV argues with Khushi and says to Khushi that he will make a place in Purvi’s heart so much that he will leave Purvi when she thinks that he is everything to her.

Trishna gives the good news to Prachi that Purvi got bail but she doesn’t know who got bail to Purvi. RV calls Prachi and says to Prachi that Purvi got bail and says his lawyer got bail to Purvi. Prachi thanks RV and cuts the call. Prachi gives the good news to Trishna.

Khushi comes and talks to Purvi. Purvi says to Khushi about their whole family being in debt and they also had to leave the house. Khushi thinks why hasn’t Prachi told her anything about this. Khushi asks Purvi not to worry and says she will solve everything.

The lady constable congratulates Purvi and reveals to Purvi that her husband got bail for her. Purvi gets excited hearing it. Purvi says RV kept his word.

Harleen and Vaishali return home. Deepika asks Vaishali why is Harleen so angry. Vaishali says what they saw. Deepika thinks RV insulted Vikrant due to Purvi and blames her. Monisha calls Deepika and reveals to Deepika that Purvi got bail. Monisha asks Deepika if she knows who got bail to Purvi. Deepika asks Monisha the same question. Monisha asks Deepika to tell about this news to Harleen. Vaishali asks Harleen if she heard that Purvi got bail. Harleen says he heard about it but it doesn’t matter and comments on it.

Monisha dreams of Purvi laughing at her. Monisha says to Purvi that she still hasn’t won and she wouldn’t allow her to win. Monisha lashes out by throwing things around. Monisha vows to destroy Purvi.

Prachi dries her hair and drops fall over Krishna’s face. Krishna asks Prachi to be careful but he doesn’t see her face.

Episode ends.