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Today’s episode starts with Sahana asking Prachi not to receive the call. Prachi asks who is on the call. Sahana says Pragya’s call but she should not spoil her mood by telling the truth. Prachi says but she can’t ignore Pragya’s call. She receives Pragya’s call and talk with her. Pragya asks Prachi is she too like Ranbir or not. Prachi nods yes. Pragya gets happy.

At hospital, Aliya prays to God to protect Riya as she was clueless she will attempt suicide. She decides to support Riya. Abhi asks doctor about Riya. Doctor tells him that Riya is out of danger and just fainted due to the firebreak out. Abhi asks Doctor if they can meet her. Doctor asks one person at a time only can visit her.

Here, Pallavi cry for Riya. Ranbir asks her the matter. Pallavi accuses Prachi for coming in between Ranbir and Riya. Ranbir defends Prachi. Pallavi and Ranbir argue with each other. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he never loves Rhea. Ranbir says Riya is his childhood friend and he never loved her. Pallavi tells to Ranbir that all her considered Riya as their daughter-in law thus, he can’t back step. Ranbir refuses to listen to Pallavi. Pallavi drags Ranbir with her.

Ahead, Abhi recalls how Aliya accuses him for Riya’s condition and stops him from meeting her. Abhi asks Aliya to leave his way. In the flashback, Abhi meets Riya. Riya asks Abhi to talk to doctor and remove the equipments. Abhi asks her to be patient. Riya apologizes to Abhi for her behavior. She adds Prachi came in between her and Ranbir but she can’t live without Ranbir. Riya faints. Aliya gives an earful to Abhi and asks him to choose one amid Prachi and Riya. Back to reality; Abhi recalls his moments with Prachi.

Other side, Mitali asks Aliya to take care. Aliya says she is concerned about Riya. Mitali and other accuse Aliya for taunting Abhi for Riya’s condition. Aliya says she did it right because Abhi don’t care of Riya and love Prachi more.

Doctor comes and asks Mehra family to meet Riya one by one. Riya goes to meet Riya. Meanwhile, Pallavi drags and beat Ranbir. She forces him to see Riya.

There, Aliya asks Riya why attempted suicide and didn’t trusted her. Ranbir sees Riya from the glass. Aliya assures Riya that Ranbir will only marry her and not Prachi. Riya asks Aliya what she did. Aliya asks her to wait as soon she will get both  Abhi and Ranbir’s love. (Episode Ends)