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The episode starts with Vikram says they can take police help. Abhi says Police will help Dushyant and they goes to Mandap. Riya takes phone from unknown person tries to call and runs from goons. Riya Mets with accident, that lady takes Riya to hospital and informs this to Abhi. Abhi leaves to hospital.

Madan and his men leaves to their place and thinks to vacate the place before police caughts the. Madan and Dushyant men Chandan goes inside. Maya says Chandan. Chandan removes her ties saying she is my boss Dushyant daughter. Maya slaps Madan and goes with Chandan. Madan and his men vacate that place.

Pandit asks Ranbir to apply Kumkum. Prachi tells Ranbir that if he doesn’t stop the marriage then she will stop the marriage. Ranbir says no. Maya comes there and tells that this marriage will not happen. Everyone gets shocked. Pallavi asks who is this girl beside Ranbir? Ranbir says I will tell you, I don’t want to marry Maya.

Pallavi says we know it and asks the girl to remove her veil. Prachi shows her face. Aliya gets shocked and says where is Riya. Vikram informs her that Riya met with an accident and Abhi went to her. Aliya leaves.

Dushyant asks who did this to you Maya. Maya says Prachi planned everything to marry Ranbir. Prachi says it’s lie. Ranbir says I’m the one who forced Prachi to come here because I don’t want to marry Maya.

Dushyant fires Gun saying everything will happen according to his wishes. Vikram men aims gun at him saying now it’s changed. Dushyant calls his men. They comes with guns. Dushyant says your men will be finished in seconds so send your men. Vikram asks his men to leave. Dushyant calls Police station.

Saritha informs everything to Pragya saying Dushyant called police. Pragya says why you didn’t inform me before, it will take time for me to reach so manage there until I reach to Mandap.

Lady joins Riya in hospital. Nurse asks her to fill the form. Lady says she don’t know her details and her father is on the way. Nurse says fine. Abhi drives fastly. Pragya too asks her cab driver to drive fastly. Both vehicles dashes with eachother. Pragya comes out from car thinking it may cause more late to her. Abhi says it’s your mistake.

The driver says I’m driving because if madam request. Abhi says their is no madam. Pragya calls for Taxi. Abhi reminsces his moments with Pragya hearing her voice and turns to see but Pragya leaves in taxi. Abhi thinks he is over imagining and leaves from that place giving money to driver.

Pallavi and Saritha assures Prachi that nothing will happen to her. Prachi says what if it goes against us and hugs Saritha. Police reaches to Mandap. Dushyant asks them to arrest Prachi for kidnapping Maya and sitting in the mandap like Maya. Prachi says it’s lie Maya tried to throw me from Mandap and in this process she herself lists her conscious.

Ranbir says yes and says he us the who makes Prachi sit in the mandap like bride. Police asks why. Ranbir says because Dushyant warned me to kill if we didn’t come to Mandap. Mr Chaubay says its joke. Ranbir says talk seriously. Maya says Ranbir is innocent and culprit is Prachi. Mrs Chaubay asks police to arrest Prachi saying she us Nautanki. Ranbir says your daughter is Nautanki and I told you guys many times that I can’t marry your Maya and Prachi won’t go to anywhere.

\ Dushyant warns him to stop supporting Prachi. Ranbir asks Police to see how Dushyant threating him. Dushyant says he is just talking. Maya asks him to not talk like this with her Badepapa. Ranbir says who are you to talk with me. Maya says Im loving you. Ranbir says you’re big Nautanki. Prachi says don’t lie Maya. Police stops them and asks constable to arrest Prachi. Everyone gets shocked. Saritha asks to arrest her. Police says they will know the truth and about to arrest Prachi but Pragya stops them and warns to not touch her daughter.