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Episode starts with Abhi goes to Prachi place. Prachi asks what are you doing here sir? How’s Rhea. Abhi angrily says it happened according to your wishes and call your Mom. Prachi says my Mom is not at home. Abhi says he won’t believe her lies anymore and calls Anuradha ji. Prachi asks whom is he referring. Abhi says he is calling her Mom. Prachi says my mom name is not Anuradha.

Saritha stops Auto. Pragya asks why is she stopping. Saritha says she have some here. They gets down from auto. Pragya asks do they like these Shagun things. Saritha says Prachi will make video call to Ranbir and get to know whether they like them or not, if they don’t like it than we can exchange them because currently trend is changed. Pragya smiles.

Saritha says let’s go and have Chandu ka tea. Pragya says we may go to home in 5mintues, why you stopped here for tea. Saritha says he won’t charge money because I helped him to open this stall. Chandu serves them tea. Pragya reminsces her past moment with Abhi. Saritha asks what you’re thinking. Pragya says this is important phase of Prachi life and don’t you feel we have to inform her Dad about it. Saritha agrees and asks her to call him. Pragya tries to call him.

Abhi says your Mom name also fake, how many lies you told us. Prachi says she never lied. Abhi asks her to call her Mom. Prachi says I will call Mom but feel relaxed and tell me about Rhea condition. Abhi says I thought you’re good kind of girl but I’m wrong. Prachi asks what she did.

 Abhi says you used me in your plan and you’re lier and fraud. Prachi stops him saying she can’t hear these kinds of words from him. Abhi says I realised that you’re fake. Prachi cries. Abhi says don’t look at me in that way and all your Mom. Prachi says she didn’t do any mistake. Abhi says because of You my Daughter tried to end her life.

Saritha asks what happened. Pragya says it’s getting disconnected after one ring. Saritha says seems like he blocked you because he don’t want to talk to you. Pragya says he is not that kind of person. Saritha says maybe he don’t want to meet you or Prachi because he never tried to meet you. Pragya says she didn’t reveal her location to him. Saritha says but he never tried to search you guys. Pragya says let’s end this topic because I can’t here anything against him. Saritha says let’s talk about Prachi sagai. Pragya says hope everything happens in good way. Saritha suggest to meet Pandit for Good Muhurta. Pragya says let’s go to home, we are already late and they goes to home.

Prachi gets shocked and says what I did to Rhea. Abhi says don’t act, you know Rhea is in hospital than why didn’t you come to meet her. Prachi says I’m about to come but. Abhi says you’re waiting for Rhea death, when you’re in hospital I doubted Rhea but you’re the wrong person. Prachi says don’t blame me in this way sir.

Abhi says you didn’t even call to know about Rhea. Prachi says sorry. Abhi says sorry for what? I saved you everytime like your father considering you as my daughter but you tried to ruin my daughter life, i used to say I wanted a daughter like you and Riya felt that I love you more but let me tell you I never wish anyone have a daughter like you. Prachi cries. Abhi too cries. Prachi says don’t cry sir, I can’t see you in tears. Abhi says stop your drama, I got to know that you want to take revenge from Rhea snatching me and Ranbir and because of this she tried to burn herself. Prachi gets shocked.

Ranbir reminds his Mom words against Prachi and thinks Prachi can’t do it and thinks how to explain it to everyone. Aryan meets Ranbir and says sorry for his late arrival. Ranbir says I thought my life with Prachi gonna start but now my family started hating Prachi and they are blaming Prachi for Riya suicide. Aryan gets shocked and asks how they turned against Prachi.

Ranbir says they saw one video stating Prachi is Maya Friend and she planted Maya in my life so I can get seperated from Riya. Aryan says it’s rubbish. Ranbir says I know it but what to do. Aryan says call Prachi and asks her to not come to hospital because I got to know from Shahana that she wants to reach hospital. Ranbir calls her.

Prachi says she didn’t do anything. Abhi says I got to know everything that how you tried to snatch me and Ranbir from Rhea. Prachi says why will I do it? Abhi says my fans thinks I have everything in my life but I only have my daughter and I’m everything for Rhea and she tries to end her life thinking we are going far and I can’t let anything happens to my daughter because she is my life.

Prachi says I can understand. Abhi says you can’t understand because you don’t have your Dad and he will be ashamed to have a daughter like you, I will tell ashamed to have a daughter like you. Prachi says don’t talk in this way, how can I make my parents feel ashamed. Abhi says you do it for your revenge.

And I saw the video shown by Aliya stating you and Maya are friends and you make Maya to file case on Ranbir to get closer to him and makes him to get seperated from Rhea and you almost successful, until now I’m fan of your Mom thinking her upbringing is good but now I’m wrong and he break his ties with Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi is not attending call. Ryan asks him to message her and asks Did Prachi mom knows about these things. Abhi warns Prachi to stay away from Rhea and Ranbir and he leaves. Prachi feels broken.