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Episode starts with Pragya and Saritha meets Pandit to know vthe best time for Shagun. Pandit says today is bad for your daughter so it’s better if you won’t talk about Shagun things. Saritha asks Pragya to call Ranbir to tell him that they will come to their home tomorrow with Shagun.

 Pragya calls Ranbir and informs him that tomorrow They will come to their place with Shagun and says Pandit is saying today is not good for Prachi. Ranbir says it’s true and than call gets disconnected. Pallavi takes phone from Ranbir and asks him to stay away from Prachi and her family. Pragya says to Saritha that Ranbir family won’t come today.


Pragya and Saritha reaches to home and Pragya calls Prachi to show Shagun things but Prachi won’t gone out. Pragya sees Prachi door is locked and gets tensed than Saritha and Pragya forcefully opens the door and enters inside and they gets shocked seeing Prachi state and questions her what happened.  Prachi in tears informs that Rhea commited suicide. Pragya consoles her saying nothing will happen to Rhea.

Prachi says she commited suicide because of me and while thinking I’m coming in-between her and Ranbir. Pragya asks why you feel it. Prachi says Mehra sir came here and told me all these things and wanted me to stay away from Rhea and Ranbir, previously he wants to have a daughter like me but now he said its ashamed to have daughter like me and he said that my broughtup is not good and he asked me to stay away from their life’s. Pragya gets shocked and hugs her.


Aliya gets call from office saying Pharmacy company is in problem and they got info that our company is making duplicate medicines so they can ride our company. Aliya informs this to Vikram and his family and says  she going to company and asks them to send Abhi to company. Mitali says how can Abhi leave Riya at this time.

Aliya says it’s needed and we have stop that medicine because we opened that one with Dadi name, I will reach home to get papers and I will call Abhi in the way. Mitali and others to goes home. Dadi stays at hospital. Beeji says she will go to meet Rhea. Dadi says her friend Dimpi Is with her. Beeji goes.


Rhea teaches Dimpi what she have to tell everyone about Prachi. Beeji meets Rhea and scolds her for committing suicide without thinking about her dad and she told promise from Rhea that she never repeat it. Rhea says you’re Dida to me like Ranbir and sorry for hurting you. Dimpi says you’re so patient if Prachi done it with me than I may kill her.

 Beeji says Prachi is not bad like you’re thinking. Dimpi says Prachi is bad person and Infront of whole college Prachi told to snatch everything from Rhea and that’s what she is doing. Rhea stops Dimpi saying don’t make Dida gets tensed saying everything. Beeji says everyone can’t be wrong so Prachi did it everything.

Pragya says how can they accuse her daughter without knowing anything. Saritha says maybe Rhea provoked her Dad. Pragya angrily casks Mr Mehra but he didn’t attend calls. Prachi tries to stop him. Pragya says I’m your Dad and Mother so I won’t let anyone point you so he must learn how to talk with Daughter like you. Prachi tries to stop her saying maybe Abhi did it in tension. Pragya says don’t take his side, he is not your Dad and I did mistake by not complaining case against his Daughter and she goes taking their landline number.

Pallavi asks Vikram to tell Ranbir to stay away from Prachi and her family. Ranbir says you’re not understanding it, i love Prachi and wants to have life with her. Pallavi says can’t you see how Prachi played with Rhea life. Ranbir says Rhea is the one who played with Prachi life. Beeji says your parents are saying for your wellness and they loves you. Ranbir says they want me to follow their wishes and want me to forget my love, what kind of love it’s. Pallavi says Prachi is making him talk in this way and trying to separate my son from us. Ranbir says don’t blame Prachi, why you’re taking Prachi name everytime. Pallavi gets hyper and feels dizzy because of High BP. Beeji and Ranbir takes Pallavi to home. Ranbir thinks how to convey to Prachi Mom that my parents are against our relation.

Pragya calls taxi and Aliya sees her in the way and gets shocked. Tai thinks who’s calling landline these days and attends it and asks about Mr Mehra. Tai says he went near Pharma company and asks who’s she. Pragya says she is angry mother and cuts the call. Mitali asks who’s on line. Tai says voice is like Pragya. Mitali gets shocked.