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Episode starts with Ranbir reminsces how his Mom is against his relationship with Prachi and he informs to DiDa and goes to freshen up in his room. Pallavi wakes up and asks where is Ranbir. Daljeet says he wents to freshen up. Pallavi cries. Daljeet consoles her.

 Pallavi says did you saw how Ranbir is talking in high tone with me, my anger is justified after seeing Prachi reality and I won’t let even shadow of Prachi fell near our home. Daljeet agrees with her and says that how Dimpi informed her everything and says that they failed to notice Prachi fakeness. Pallavi says how to save Ranbir from Prachi and she begs her SAAS to talk with Ranbir and make him understand that Prachi is not correct for him. Daljit agrees.


Mitali thinks why Mom in law felt it’s Pragya voice. Aliya asks what happened? Why you look tensed. Mitali says someone called to our landline and Mom in law felt her voice is like Pragya but I feel its not Pragya because she asked for Mr Mehra not Abhi Mehra.

Aliya says did Tai informed about Abhi location. Mitali says yes and Aliya thinks it can be Pragya and runs out. Mitali thinks it can be Prachi Mom and feels excited thinking drama will happen at home.


Pragya asks for address of pharma company and goes in Taxi. Aliya on the way thinks to stop Pragya before she meet Abhi. Employee says drug inspection is happening and I feel their is nothing wrong. Abhi says we started this organisation for service not for money.

 Drug inspector says nothing wrong and they asks them to show other area, Abhi asks his employee to show them. Aliya sees Pragya and thinks she can meet Abhi. Abhi says don’t know whether I did correct with Prachi or not but whatever she did is crime. Aliya thinks how to stop Pragya.

And than thinks it’s better to kill her and she dashes Pragya vehicle with her car and Pragya vehicle bumps with tree, Abhi feels something wrong. People thinks Pragya is dead.


Prachi says Mehra sir is good, he says many things because he is worried, hope Mom won’t say him anything. Shahana scolds her for sympathising them and questions why didn’t you tell him that his daughter tried to kill you. Saritha supports Shahana. Prachi says I wish to have a Dad like him. Saritha asks her to stops searching her Dad in Mr Mehra.

Prachi says he treated me like daughter so his scoldings are fine but I felt bad when he said he want to move from his life, my Mom is everything to me but I got to know what’s father love when I met Mr Mehra sir and I lost him forever. Saritha consoles her.


Ranbir feels sad. Daljeet comes to his room. Ranbir hugs her and says you’re my best friend who used to understand my wishes than why can’t you understand my heart, i love Prachi and trust me that Prachi can never think to hurt anyone. Daljeet asks him to tell from when they are in love.

Ranbir says glad someone asked me, from Bank robbery incident when I saved her than I realised my feelings. Daljeet asks did you love her from Cm attack day. Ranbir says no, that time we used to fight. Daljeet says that time you’re in love with Rhea right. Ranbir says real love is different and he loves Prachi not Rhea.

Daljeet says so many are against your relationship with Prachi, what to answer them. Ranbir says he is with her. Daljeet hugs him saying he is her life. Ranbir says it’s childish thing with Rhea not love. Pallavi comes to room and says with your words I’m sure that Prachi come in-between you and Rhea.

 Ranbir asks her to understand his love for Prachi. Pallavi says Prachi is trying to seperate you from us. Ranbir says I love you guys for lifetime, noone can separate us but I just wanted to have Prachi in my life. Pallavi asks him to forget Prachi for them. Ranbir says Prachi is his everything. Pallavi stops him and says if he talks again about Prachi than he have to see her Death. Ranbir gets shocked.