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Episode starts with everyone says lady is alive. Aliya thinks she won’t meet Abhi and about to leave but public people and driver stops her and asks her to take lady to hospital. Aliya tries to deny and about to leave but they warns to complaint against her than Aliya agrees to take lady to hospital.

On the way Aliya sees lady is not Pragya and thinks where Pragya went. Pragya asks security about Abhi. Security says he is inside and tries to call him. Aliya drops Driver and lady on road and asks him to take her to hospital giving money and leaves in her car and thinks how to stop their meeting and than she calls Abhi to bring him back to home saying Rhea needs him but he didn’t attends her call than she calls to company number. Manish attends the call.

Aliya asks why Abhi is not answering the call and asks whether any lady came to meet him. Manish says no. Aliya asks him to turn off the power supply and asks him to stop the lady if she came to meet Abhi.

Pragya angrily goes toward Abhi officer Manish tries to stop her but she won’t listen than Manish goes to turn off the power supply. Pragya and Abhi about to see eachother but power goes off. Pragya says don’t go anywhere because I want to talk with you. Abhi thinks Pragya. Pragya says Mr Mehra I’m mother of Prachi and finally I got chance to meet you and you can’t leave from here.

Abhi reminsces his past moments with Prachi and thinks that he breaks the relation with her but he have Blood connection with Prachi and she is my daughter. Security thinks why inside lights are off and she goes to check it. Officers about to leave but Aliya parks her car banging their vehicle. Officer questions what she did. Aliya says you know who im? Get out from here and she about to go inside but stops hearing the breaking sound.

Pragya questions who’s he to lesson her daughter and says that her Daughter always behaves nicely with anyone and she never come between Riya and Ranbir to seperate them, she only knows to unite people and how dare you to talk about Prachi father when you can’t handle your daughter, Prachi is crying because you’re hurt and you didn’t listen the complete story and came to give lessons to Prachi and you didn’t even know that your Rhea tries to kill Prachi.

Abhi says are you out of mind. Officer says you’re out of mind, you have to apologize to us for hitting our vehicle. Aliya says let me finish my work, than I will see you and goes inside. Officer says he will lodge complaint on her.

Manish says he couldn’t stop the lady but he turned of the main. Aliya asks about Abhi location and goes in that way. Pragya says maybe you think that I’m lying but I have killer confession saying Rhea send him to kill Prachi, I got hurt knowing it and I slapped her but she did it in insecurity that Prachi might steal you, it’s not Prachi mistake.

Pragya says it’s your brought up problem and she became stubborn because of you and you can’t become good Dad and you lectured my daughter but think about yourself. Abhi cries thinking how he hurted Prachi. Pragya says you earn money to fulfill Rhea wishes but you forget the fact that kids need love of parents not money, Rhea is good hearted but she did crimes and tries to tarnish Prachi image And even tries to kill her, you’re also responsible for it. Abhi tries to go close to her but Pragya stops him. Aliya warns Manish to fire him if power is back so she asks him to make sure that lights won’t come. Manish runs to check it. Security sees fuse is removed.

Pragya says glad that you’re not father of my daughter otherwise it’s ashamed feeling for me and says that she would have heard him if he had given a good advice to her daughter, but I will not bear anything more against Prachi. Security places the fuse Just then light comes back and Pragya gets shocked seeing Abhi and both feels emotional. Aliya feels irritated. Pragya in tears asks why didnt you stop me. Abhi says I’m Abhishek Prem Mehra.

Abhi says he thought Anuradha is Prachi mother. Pragya says it’s just confusion, Anuradha is Saritha ji real daughter. Abhi and Pragya feels happy to know Rhea and Prachi are their daughter. Aliya gets irritated seeing their union.

 Pragya says their hearts realised about their kids and we both didn’t get chance to meet eachother. Abhi says he wasn’t good father and says Rhea is good girl. Aliya thinks to use Abhi weakness against them. Ranbir sits in darkness and reminsces his moments with Prachi and his Mom’s warning.