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The episode starts with Krishna talking with someone over the phone. Trishna compliants to Prachi about Krishna always being busy with work. Prachi asks Trishna not to worry about it. Prachi says she printed extra wedding cards. Prachi says they are a new designs that she liked. Trishna seeing Prachi’s care for her says they are true soul sisters. Trishna apologises to Prachi saying they should leave as Krishna is looking busy. Prachi tries to give the weddding cards but she sees that Trishna has already left. Prachi takes the wedding cards into the house. Visakha seeing the wedding cards says they will do exactly the same wedding card for Diya’s wedding. Prachi and Manpreet agree to it. Manpreet asks Prachi to take these wedding cards to Trishna’s house. Prachi agrees.

RV says he is going to work. Monisha asks RV to drop her. RV agrees. Purvi asks RV to drop her at her house. RV doesn’t agree to it. Dadaji asks RV to take Purvi to her home and he will ask the driver to drop Monisha. RV seeing this says he will drop both of them and leaves from there.

Purvi sits beside RV in the car and Monisha sits in the back. Purvi asks Monisha if her face is always like this when she is jealous and comments on her face. RV asks Purvi to not speak anything. Purvi asks RV if he is brother of Monisha as he is being protective of her. RV drops Monisha at her house. Monisha while going into the house her heel gets broken and she blames Purvi for it.

RV argues with Purvi and says he felt bad as he called him a brother. RV reminds Purvi that there is no relationship in between them. Purvi hearing this says she will tell this to Dadaji. RV reminds Purvi that there is a limit to what he can bear. Purvi says she also has a limit to what she can bear. RV says he will stay in contact with Monisha and says he will not stop it. Purvi says he can stay in contact with Monisha. Purvi asks RV to not think about touching her and says she will not allow it.

Visakha asks Prachi if she met Trishna’s husband. Prachi says no. Prachi says she knows Trishna’s husband and says he is Krishna the one who helped Purvi in the hospital. Prachi says she was never able to meet Krishna face to face but she knows that he is a good guy.

Trishna and her mother come to Krishna and asks him to choose one of the saree. Krishna selects one of the saree. Trishna says this saree’s choice belongs to Prachi. Krishna hearing this says her friend Prachi has a unique taste. Trishna agrees.

Krishna thinks about Prachi. Krishna thinks he should not think about Prachi as she hasn’t thought about him. Krishna thinks he should think of only Trishna as she is the one who got rid of his drinking addiction and he is in this position due to her.

RV drops Purvi at Prachi’s neighbourhood. RV says to Purvi that she is showing a lot of attitude. Purvi says she is just showing him the mirror. Purvi asks RV to try to be better husband until he is with her. RV comments on Purvi and leaves from there.

Manpreet says to Prachi that according to the horoscope something life changing is going to happen in her life by tomorrow night.

Purvi comes home. Purvi says she brought sweets for everyone. Diya asks Purvi about her honeymoon. Purvi says to her family with how difficulty they reached the hotel. Diya says this is a great story and comments on it. Prachi reveals to Purvi that her friend Trishna is marrying none other than Krishna. Purvi gets surprised. Purvi says she will also come to the marriage. Prachi agrees.

Trishna’s father asks Krishna if the wedding cards are here. Krishna says they will be here and he and Trishna will go and throw it on AmarDayaj’s face. Trishna’s father agrees to it and praises him.

Trishna asks Krishna to put his phone aside as Prachi will be here with the wedding cards. Krishna agrees.

RV is shown to be in a meeting. RV scolds Yug as he came late to the meeting. Monisha comes to the meeting. Yug asks RV how can Monisha come to the meeting. RV says he allowed her to come. RV stops the meeting and sends them away. Monisha asks RV which dress she has to wear for Krishna’s wedding. RV asks Monisha why did she interrupt his important meeting. Monisha asks RV if the meeting is important or her. RV selects a dress and says she is important. Monisha decides to teach a lesson to Purvi.

Episode ends.