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The episode starts with Khushi saying to Prachi ‘you may love your daughter so much’. Prachi says she doesn’t have a daughter. Khushi says I’m like your daughter so I will give you beautiful flowers which make you feel good. Prachi says she won’t buy flowers as they wither. Khushi says no, flowers will go after making us smile so I will give you a flower. She goes to get a flower. Prachi goes to Kaya. Kaya asks Prachi to not show over concern and we have to be careful of these kids as they can be thieves too. Khushi goes to Prachi and asks her to take the flower and asks her to read the chit along with the rose which is a forecast of the future and that will happen for sure. She says it’s a gift and asks her to not pay the money. Prachi accepts it and thanks her. Khushi leaves when her mom calls her. Prachi feels emotional. Kaya tells Prachi that they are getting late. Prachi sits in the car and leaves.

On the way, Kaya tells Prachi that she knows Khushi before and she saw how she manipulated someone to buy the flowers. She says Khushi is smart. Prachi looks on. Later Prachi and Kaya reach the hotel and they realise their rooms are opposite ones. Kaya tells Prachi that she likes her. Prachi says she likes her too. Kaya invites Prachi to her room. Prachi says she has work. Kaya says they need to share so much about each other and she wants to finish their incomplete talk. Prachi says she will meet her tomorrow. Kaya agrees. They leave for their room.

Prachi places a flower in the glass of water. She opens the chit and reads that she will meet someone whom she can see with closed eyes too. Prachi recalls her moments with Ranbir and asks herself if she will meet Ranbir. She realizes what she is thinking and runs out placing a chit on the table.

Aryan turns on music and dances happily. Ranbir comes to him and asks if his marriage is fixed. Aryan says she rejected me that’s why I’m celebrating. Ranbir asks if he is still missing Shahana. Aryan says no. Ranbir tells him he can share with him anything he wants. He leaves. Aryan thinks he is missing Shahana so much.

Dadi goes to Shahana’s room. Shahana hides something. Dadi asks what’s she hiding. Shahana reveals she is hiding the album. She asks Dadi why happiness snatched sway from Prachi and why this injustice to Prachi. Dadi assures Prachi will get good life soon. She says she is missing Prachi too. They video call Prachi. Prachi understands they cried and asks why. Dadi lies that Shahana is crying as she doesn’t has boyfriend. Some guy pushes Prachi and leaves in anger. He misbehaves with another lady too. Prachi cuts the call and confronts the man for his behavior. He leaves from there in anger. Lady thanks Prachi for the help.

The next day, Kaya calls Ranbir and informs him that she can’t attend today’s meeting as she is not feeling well. Ranbir worries and says then what is going to happen about the meeting. Kaya says to Ranbir that he has no humanity as he is not thinking about her and is worried about the meeting. Ranbir says there is nothing like that and he is worried for her. Ranbir says he will come there soon. Kaya thinks she should what is in the fridge as she feels hungry.

Prachi sees Minty aunty talking on the phone with someone angrily. Minty calls Ganesh and scolds him that he didn’t check the flowers. Prachi comes and asks Minty what happened? Minty says there is a big wedding and for the decoration they ordered flowers and they didn’t come. Ganesh says they came. Minty clarifies that not even half of the ordered flowers came. Minty asks now who is going to take responsibility. Prachi asks Minty to calm down. Ganesh calls Laali and asks if she can arrange a tempo of flowers. Laali says she can. Ganesh says he will send her the address and cuts the call. Laali wakes Khushi up and says they got a big order. Khushi says she will come with her.

The terrorists are shown to be preparing and their boss comes and warns them to be careful as there is going to be a big wedding and the police are here.

Episode ends.