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Episode starts with Pragya takes her hand from Abhi hold and asks him to concentrate on road otherwise they might struck in another accident. Abhi says sorry and stops the car near Pragya house. Prachi and Pragya gets down from car. Prachi asks him to come inside says she will prepare good tea for him. Prachi goes inside.

Pragya says you don’t get any tea so leave from here to Rhea. Abhi asks what’s your problem. Prachi asks him to come inside. Abhi says I’m not liking when Prachi address me as sir, when will she call me Dad and goes inside. Pragya thinks I don’t want my daughter’s to know the truth until issues get settled.

Pallavi asks where they went. Vikram and Dadi says they went to Gurdwara to buy Dhaga. Aliya shows that Rhea is coming home. Dadi says your pain will be over if you stay at home and where is Abhi. Ranbir says maybe he is at factory. Rhea says she don’t want to stay at hospital so she returned home with Ranbir. Pallavi says you’re friends from childhood so Ranbir have to take care of you. Beeji asks Ranbir to take Rhea to room. Aliya thinks so Abhi might be with Pragya and it’s not good than she goes to call him to inform about Rhea.

Pallavi sees Ranbir with Rhea and says they are nice Jodi. Mitali asks whether he agreed. Pallavi says Ranbir will agree to marry Rhea for her hapiness and she thinks she never accepts Middle class Prachi for her son.

Prachi notices Shahana and Saritha are not at home and she calls Shahana and asks where they went. Shahana says they went out to search them. Saritha scolds her for leaving without informing them and asks if Pragya reached to home. Prachi says they reached to home and asks them to return.

Aliya calls Abhi and asks where is he. Abhi says he with Pragya and his daughter and cuts the call saying he will return to home after sometime. Abhi thinks car who hit Pragya can be Aliya one only. Prachi asks him to sit. Pragya sats he is busy and can’t have tea. Abhi says he is busy but needs Coffee and can’t deny Prachi request. Pragya looks on.

Ranbir asks why she is staring at him. Rhea says because I like you. Ranbir says we returned to home so can we talk about the matter.

Aliya says glad everything is settled between Ranbir and Rhea, if Bhai gets to know Rhea came between Ranbir and Prachi than everything goes Abnormal. Rhea sees Aliya. Aliya signs everything is set.

Pragya takes Abhi aside. Abhi asks why are you sending me out? We have to inform them about the truth. Pragya says Prachi is hurt with your words and it’s not the correct time to reveal the truth, she is offering you coffee for formality because you saved my life and I want her to accept you as her Dad with heart. Abhi says she is already doing everything for him with love and I want to meet my daughter. Pragya says it’s not correct time.

Abhi says don’t make me think about you like other people. Pragya asks what other people and you think about me? Abhi says you went to meet Rhea right. Pragya says yes and I don’t want Prachi to know you’re her Dad. Abhi asks Pragya if she is taking revenge from him. Pragya is shocked and says you’re talking Aliya words and you know how Aliya never want us to get united. Abhi says you’re proving Aliya words are right and it will be the happy moment for our kids to know about their parents but you’re snatching it.

Pragya says she roamed in your birthday party as waitress and that days it’s Prachi birthday too along with Rhea but she get blame of theft and how can Prachi feel if she knows that her Sister framed her as thief and her family doubted her. Abhi says that time I don’t know she is my daughter. Pragya says that’s why I’m stopping you now because it’s not correct time , Prachi will be happy knowing you’re her Dad but than she gets questions like why her Dad didn’t came to net her and why her parents got separated. Abhi says you have to answer those questions because you left from my place.

Pragya says than she will ask you why you didn’t came to meet her? So give her some time. Abhi says you know I’m waiting for 20years to get united but you’re stopping our happy moment. Pragya says you’re blaming me but not understanding the fact but I won’t reveal any truth to my daughter. Abhi says she is his daughter too. Pragya says I raised her and she is not that big to understand this truth. Abhi says you want to hurt me that’s why you use Prachi to separate Ranbir and Rhea. Pragya asks from where he get this thought.

Abhi says you want me to get me separated from Rhea so I can become alone and for this you used Prachi to snatch Rhea happiness but I saved Rhea and you know how I’m feeling when My daughter is calling me sir? Abhi asks Pragya if she is taking revenge from him for Kiara’s death and that’s why wants to keep his daughter Prachi away from him. Pragya is shocked and says you can think anything you want but I will bear any insults for my daughter and she is not ready to face the truth.

Abhi says he did mistake by trusting her. Pragya says even I did it and k won’t let Prachi to face the problems so leave me and my daughter alone. Abhi says from now onwards I won’t let you meet Rhea like you’re separating me from Prachi. Abhi leaves saying don’t show these tears they say that you love me.

Pragya thinks her tears always speaks the truth, Abhi thinks he will always loves Pragya. Both looks at eachother in tears and imagines like their souls are hugging and sharing pain. Abhi cries badly in his car.