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Episode starts with Pragya in tears says that she loves Rhea so much and never forget to think about her even for a second and I celebrated every birthday of you and bought gift for you every year so please accept my gifts and if I know the truth I can never make you reach this hospital and Aliya told me that you hates me but I didn’t tried to meet you before because I don’t have answers for your questions and I may set everything if I know you’re my other daughter but our fate is separating us and previously in every moment we are connected without knowing our relation and I saved so much love for you in these 20years and I love you more than my life so please wake-up. Pragya sees burnt hand of Rhea a d reminsces Prachi words how Rhea commited suicide because of her.

Ranbir reaches to hospital and thinks to say sorry to Rhea to get his love Prachi and thinks Rhea can’t be stubborn if she have mom like Prachi mother. Ranbir asks Nurse about Rhea. Nurse says Rhea wants to go to home but she can’t go before discharge. Ranbir asks can he meet her. Nurse says yeah but some lady came to meet her and she is crying so much for her. Ranbir thinks it can be Aliya.

Pragya says why you tried to commit suicide, you’re life of so many people, I seperated from your Dad and my wrong decision created so much problem for you and Prachi so please forgive me and I’m so sorry. Ranbeer sees Pragya in Rhea words and leaves out saying he come back later but he thinks why Prachi Mom is crying do much for Rhea. Pragya says I can’t stay here because I don’t have answers for others questions and I will return to your life when you needed me, but I know you won’t accept me but I can’t increase your hate staying Infront of you and she leaves after kissing Rhea.

Rhea says mom and she regains conscious and about to go from room but stops thinking Saritha and Aliya words and thinks my mom cant be here and she will be with Prachi, I waited for her 20years and she won’t return to me but why I felt she is with me. Pragya too feels something but leaves thinking Rhea is sleeping. Rhea cries thinking her Mom won’t come for her. Pragya says to Ranbir that Rhea is sleeping and asks him to dont inform anyone that she came to meet Rhea. Ranbir says ok and thinks Pragya is selfless.

Prachi searches for Pragya on road. Ranbir calls Prachi but he didn’t inform Prachi about Pragya and asks why she is worried. Prachi says I got call from Mom and she is crying that time and I heard vehicle sounds so I’m scared thinking what If she met with accident. Ranbir says she is fine and he met her near city hospital. Prachi says ok and tried to stop the cars for taking lift.

Prachi turns her face aside seeing Abhi car. Abhi stops the car because his Ac issue and than he notices Prachi through mirror and goes towards her while reminscing his past moments with Prachi. Abhi says Prachi. Prachi says sir why are you crying? Rhea? Prachi asks did her Mom met him? Abhi nods yes. Prachi says sorry if you’re hurt with my mom words but she didn’t do it intentionally and I hurted you unintentionally, I informed everything to my Mom because I won’t hide anything from her. Abhi says I hurted you right.

Prachi says yes because I’m hurt because you said My dad will ashamed to have a daughter like me, I agree that I don’t have Dad but my Mom is everything to me and she gave me love of my father too and I don’t need any father in my life. Abhi gets shocked. Prachi about to leave in Auto but Abhi offers to drop her.

Prachi says city hospital. Abhi asks why she wants to go there. Prachi says to meet her mother. Abhi thinks maybe Pragya went to meet Rhea and asks whether her Mom informed anything to her on call. Prachi asks what. Abhi thinks Pragya didn’t informed her but this time I have to depend on Pragya because I don’t how will Prachi react if I told her that I’m her Dad, don’t know whether she accept me or not.