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The episode starts with Dadi asking RV why hasn’t he told anyone that he is coming home. RV says he hasn’t told anyone. Monisha says she knows about it as she called his office. Prachi says she will take her leave. Dadi and Dadaji ask Prachi to stay for some time. Prachi says she has a marriage tomorrow and says she will come next time. Dadi and Dadaji agrees.

Purvi drops Prachi at the doorstep. Prachi asks Purvi why does Monisha always comes here. Prachi says it is not right for Monisha to always come to this house and lurk around RV. Purvi says there is nothing like that and asks Prachi not to worry. Prachi agrees and leaves from there.

Krishna and Trishna come to RV’s home. Prachi passes by Krishna’s car. Krishna feels Prachi’s presence. Trishna and Krishna later go into Krishna’s house. Purvi invites them into the house. RV introduces Dadi and Dadaji to Krishna and Trishna. Krishna and Trishna invite RV and his family to his wedding. Krishna asks Purvi to come to the wedding on his behalf.

Purvi goes to get them water. Monisha puts forward her leg and makes Purvi slip and fall. Dadaji and Dadi introduce Hermal and Harleen to Krishna. Krishna catches Purvi when she is about to fall. Krishna asks Purvi if she is alright. Purvi says she is fine. Krishna says to Malhotra family that Purvi is very close to his heart. Krishna asks Monisha to watch what she is doing. Krishna and Trishna give the wedding card and invite Malhotra’s family to his wedding. Krishna and Trishna leave from there. RV gets a call and he goes to the office.

Prachi calls Purvi and says to Purvi that there is a lot of work tomorrow and asks her to be a little early. Purvi agrees.

Ranbir and Prachi look at the moon and they miss each other.

Episode ends.