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Episode starts with Ranbir switches on the AC and asks what happened to her. Rhea asks him to help her to adjust pillows. Ranbir helps her and Rhea enjoys his closeness. Aliya asks Rhea to have medicines. Ranbir takes medicines. Aliya goes out and signs apologies to Rhea for disturbing them. Rhea smiles and denies to take medicine but Ranbir makes her have the medicine than he says Im trying to talk with you from 2days and you know our parents thinking about our. Rhea asks him to turnoff the lights saying her eyes are burning.

Ranbir turns off the lights and about to leave asking her to take rest but Rhea stops him saying don’t leave her because it’s scaring her and asks him to stay for sometime until she sleeps. Ranbir agrees and asks her to sleep and than he reminsces his moments with Prachi, after sometime he leaves from Rhea room after adjusting her bedsheet. Rhea happily thinks he cares for me.

On the way Abhi reminsces how Pragya stopped him. Goons plans to kidnap Abhi and they execute their plan stopping Abhi but Abhi beats them badly and when he about to leave, Goon places Knife in Abhi neck, at that Police inspector Bhaskar beats the goons and saves Abhi and than he calls station to take the goons. Abhi thanks him. Bhaskar says it’s his duty.


Abhi asks whether he is that encounter specialist. Bhaskar says bullets are waste for these goons and than he promotes his show on balaji.

Aliya calls Abhi but he didn’t attend her call, Aliya says whether he is bringing Pragya and Prachi to home. Mitali asks is it true? I’m scared if Pragya is back to home than she will take revenge on us. Aliya stops her and asks her to don’t get scared because she is not sure. Abhi angrily goes upstairs. Than Aliya says Pragya. Abhi stops her saying don’t take Pragya name Infront me and I broke my relationship with her and leaves. Aliya says we are worried unnecessarily but the result is favour of us. Mitali says Kumkum kis not written in Pragya fate.

Pragya and Abhi gets emotional while reminscing their moments. Abhi thinks even after knowing Everything I have to stay away from my daughter and wife. Pragya thinks he is not understanding her point.

Aliya thinks this house is belongs to her and she can never let Pragya and Abhi gets United and she plans to celebrate her victory.

Next day Beeji asks where is Vikram. Vikram went to do the thing they planned. Rhea wishes Happy dusshera to Pallavi and Beeji.

Pallavi praises Rhea look. Rhea says burnt marks are perfectly hidden because of dress. Beeji says marks will be visible in their face who thinks bad about you. Pallavi hugs Rhea saying she won’t let anyone think bad about her and says she arranged some special surprise gift for her. Rhea asks what’s the gift. Pallavi says that how they planned to do her engagement with Ranbir in the evening and Vikram went to buy the rings. Rhea asks about Ranbir answer. Pallavi and Beeji assures her that Ranbir will do it for them and we decided that you’re our bahu and what’s your answer. Rhea smiles. Beeji and Pallavi says we got your answer and keep it as secret from Ranbir because it’s surprise for him and Abhi. Rhea promises them that she won’t tell it to anyone.

Ranbir wakes up and than he video call Prachi and adjust his hair. Prachi smiles seeing him
Ranbir wishes her happy dusshera. Prachi too wishes him and teases him and than asks about Rhea health. Ranbir says she is getting better.