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Episode starts with Mrs Chaubay asks what are you thinking. Maya says status and money is important in life and I will choose Ranbor who can give me everything. Mrs Chaubay says everything happenens for a reason, even your bua knows my love matter and she want me to marry my love but I choosed my parents respect and it helped me to achieve good status life otherwise I will be in bus stand who waits for bus. Maya agrees. Mrs Chaubay goes to attend Bus call. Rahul asks Maya to run with him giving her duppata. Maya denies.

Prachi and everyone gets shocked knowing Maya denies to run with him. Prachi tells Ranbir that they have to do this. Ranbir asks Rahul to die. Rahul says I came to elope with Maya. Ranbir says if she doesn’t elope with you then you have to die. Rahul gets shocked. Ranbir and Prachi explains that he have to show that he is giving his life for his love true. Rahul agrees. Prachi sends Shahana to bring Maya for Sangeet.

Shahana brings Maya with her Sangeet. Prachi comes Infront of them and reveals that Rahul is giving up his life because his girlfriend denies to accept him because of her dad. Maya gets shocked and asks where he went. Prachi shows room and Maya runs towards room.

Maya gets shocked after seeing Rahul hanging himself. Ranbir and Aryan cuts the rope without knowledge of Maya. Rahul thanks Maya for saving her and he says I will die with out you. Maya says I love you. Rahul says if you love me than elope with me. Maya stays silent. Rahul says I will die because I know you can’t love me. Maya says I will come with you than Rahul asks her to write saying she can’t marry Ranbir because she loves someone else. Maya agrees.

Ranbir asks will you guys think plan will work. Prachi says it will and asks him to wait for 15m. Ranbir and Everyone goes to room for searching the letter. Ranbir gets the letter and feels happy after reading the letter and hugs Prachi happily. Ranbir runs out saying it’s climax time to reveal this matter to everyone.

Pallavi asks Beeji whom will you select for Ranbir if you have choice. Beeji sees Prachi and says I have someone in mind but it ended before even we start it. Pallavi says I need girl like Riya. Beeji says anyone is better than Maya.

Ranbir shows letter to Vikram. Dushyant says that these people are showing to him, if they cancel the marriage I will teach them lesson. Vikram cones toward Dushyant with Ranbir and others. Ranbir says this marriage won’t happen. Dushyant aims gun at him. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir says Maya don’t want to get married to me. Mr Chaubay says what are you saying. Ranbir says I want to marry her but she eloped with someone making fun of me and he shows the letter of confession. Dushyant family gets shocked after reading the letter. Prachi reads out the letter saying forgive me Ranbir, my family want me to get married to you but I don’t love you and I have someone else in my life and I’m eloping with him so please find someone for you.