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Episode starts with Prachi slaps Rhea and Rhea smiles. Prachi says she is ready to do any sacrifice for their Mom happiness. Rhea asks Prachi if she can sacrifice her love for her mom’s happiness. Prachi looks shocked. Rhea says you return my love, and I promise that I will return your mom’s love stopping the marriage, do you accept the deal?

Prachi accept the deal saying she can do anything for her Mom. Rhea says perfect break up with Ranbir and make him hate you than I will make Dad gets married to your Mom. Prachi leaves in tears. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks what happened. Prachi goes ignoring Ranbir. While going Prachi thinks about her moments with Ranbir and her promise to Rhea.

Rhea questions Prachi why didn’t she broke up Ranbir. Prachi asks for some time. Rhea says tomorrow is Haldi so do it quickly. Prachi in tears says I know but Ranbir loves me and his heart! Prachi leaves than Ranbir goes behind her. Rhea smiles wickedly.

Dadi licks her room door and talks with Saritha. Saritha asks if she talked to Abhi. Dadi says yes because you asked my help to unite Abhi and Pragya, so why can’t I but these people became mad. Saritha says we have to set them. Dadi says she send Abhi to market. Saritha says she too sent Pragya to get her blouse.

Dadi says she sent Meera along with Abhi so she can know the love between Abhi and Pragya. Pragya opens the door and asks with whom she is talking. Saritha says new boyfriend. Pragya takes saree to get blouse and tells to Saritha that she knows that she is lying.

Prachi cries in her room. Pragya goes to Prachi room and notices her sad Mood and asks if someone hurt her. Prachi says nothing, I feel like we can live like a family. Pragya says you’re my family.

and I can’t see your tears and I’m living for you so don’t cry. Prachi hugs her Mom saying she is everything to her. Prachi says it’s enough, I don’t have time. Pragya says I don’t have time too because I’m going to get blouse fir Saritha ji and she goes. Prachi thinks it’s my time to do something for you Mom because I can’t see your Pain mom, I will unite you with your love and I will leave my love Ranbir for your happiness.

Abhi thinks everything is getting ready but I’m not happy and we are responsible for it Pragya. Someone holds his arm. Abhi gets shocked seeing Sufiyaan. Sufiyan congratulate Abhi for his marriage than he asks why he looks off. Abhi says nothing and asks him about Kainat. Sufiyan says she is marrying my friend. Abhi looks shocked. Sufiyaan says love is shit. Abhi asks why Kainat left you. Sufiyan says she make me realize the love but left from life. Abhi asks him to wait for his Haldi but Sufiyan leaves saying he have some work.

Rhea reaches to home and informs to Aliya that she played her trump card to get her Ranbir. Aliya asks what she did. Rhea says how she used Prachi emotions and she goes in to make her Dad agreed to marry Pragya. Aliya gets shocked. Ranbir rings calling bell but no-one opens the door. He calls Prachi and than she messages Prachi to open the door. Saritha goes to open the door.

Prachi asks her to tell Ranbir that she is not at home and hides behind wall. Saritha worriedly tells Prachi is not at home. Ranbir thinks Prachi is hiding and goes in but notices Prachi is not at that place. Ranbir apologies to Saritha ji and asks her to tell Prachi that he is worried for her. Saritha saits ok and locks the door than calls Prachi to come out and asks her what happened. Prachi says she will tell later. Saritha sats Ranbir loves you, don’t make him worried.