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The episode starts with Kaya asking Prachi about Shahana. Prachi says to Kaya about Shahana and her philosophy. Kaya says to Prachi that she agrees with Shahana’s philosophy. Kaya asks Prachi if she can go. Prachi agrees.

Aryan and Damini come out of the room. Pallavi asks if they sorted out the differences between them. Damini says everything is fine. Aryan recalls what happened. Pallavi asks Aryan if they have sorted out the differences between them. Aryan says yes. Pallavi asks Aryan if he is ready to marry Damini. Aryan says yes. Damini asks what? Aryan says he doesn’t have a reason to say no. Pallavi goes to talk to Damini’s parents.

Kaya sees that Prachi is not with her and looks for her. Prachi recalls about Ranbir. Ranbir comes and hugs Prachi from the back and carries her in his arms and flirts with her. Prachi asks Ranbir to keep his word and gets down from his arms. Prachi also teases Ranbir. Prachi says she has work and she has to go. Ranbir stops Prachi and tries to do romance with her. Ranbir asks Prachi to cooperate if not he will kiss her. Ranbir later teases Prachi. Kaya comes and sees that Prachi is absent minded again and asks her what is she thinking of? Prachi says nothing and leaves from there. Prachi runs into Laaali who is carrying flowers. Prachi apologises to Laali who she ran into. Laali asks Prachi now who will pick up her flowers. Prachi tries to pick up the flowers. Kaya stops Prachi and says it is Laali’s fault and she is going to pick up the flowers. Kaya gives money to Laali to pick up the flowers. Laali comments on Kaya and thanks her. Laali takes her flowers and leaves from there. Kaya says to Prachi that money is power. Prachi says sorry and says she doesn’t believe that. Kaya says then the world will teach her this lesson. Prachi says she will help and helps Minty aunty in carrying the flowers for her. Ranbir sees a terrorist that he ran into before and thinks he is weird. Ranbir receives the doctor.

The terrorists boss calls the terrorists and says it is time and asks them to start their work. The terrorists agree. The terrorists take out their guns and shoot in the air. Prachi and Minty hear gunshot sounds and go to check it out. Ranbir sees a few people running. Ranbir stops them and asks what happened. They say that they fired gunshots there. Ranbir thinks it is a major attack and asks the doctor to go to Room no 305. Pallavi teases Damini and Aryan. Vikram says from now on they are going to be family and we can have free check up as they got a family doctor. Damini asks Aryan why did he say yes to this marriage? Aryan says he just wanted trouble her like she troubled him. Pallavi asks Aryan to take their blessings. Vikram says they should both take it. Aryan and Damini take their elders blessings. Damini’s family leave from there. Aryan thinks he made a mistake in anger and calls Ranbir to take his advice. Ranbir sees the terrorists and hides from them. Ranbir sees that Doctor is not in the room. Ranbir comes to the doctor and asks him what is he doing here? Doctor says he wants to get out of here.

Ranbir says they can’t go out as the terrorists are shooting whoever they see. Ranbir decides to take doctor to room No 305 but realises that Khushi is also in the hotel and he decides to save Khushi and asks the doctor to go to the room. Prachi says to Minty these sound like real gunshots and thinks terrorists might have attacked. Prachi asks Minty to hide. Minty asks Ranbir what happened? A bomb gets blown right beside Prachi. Prachi loses her hearing due to bomb blast. Ranbir says to Minty that terrorists attacked here. Kaya asks the crowd why is everyone running? The crowd says the terrorists are shooting people. Kaya hides behind a counter with a woman. The terrorists are shown to be killing people. Khushi worries hearing the gunshot sounds. Ranbir comes to Khushi and asks her to come with him. Khushi says she will stay here as her mom asked her to stay here? Ranbir says he will talk to her mother and asks Khushi to come with him. Khushi agrees. Khushi sees a dead body and shouts. Ranbir signals Khushi to stay quiet. The terrorist hears the shout and comes to Khushi to check it out.

Episode ends.