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The episode starts with Prachi messages to Ranbir to meet her in college corridor in 20m. Abhi thinks don’t know why Daljeet Dadi is forcing me for shopping and he talks fuggi doll. Aliya stops Rhea before meeting her Dad and tries to change Rhea decision but Rhea denies saying she has decided it for Ranbir and will do anything to get him. Aliya says I won’t help you if you won’t listen to me. Rhea leaves saying she don’t need her help. Aliya feels frustrated.

Abhi calls Pragya and invite her for Haldi. Pragya cuts the call saying she will attend it. Purab asks why you changed so much. Abhi asks whether he met his Di. Purab says I got to know you’re marrying for Rhea. Rhea meets Abhi and asks if he loves her. Abhi says I love you. Rhea asks can he do anything for her. Abhi says I’m marrying Meera for you, what more you wanted me to do. Rhea asks him to cancel his marriage with Meera. Abhi and Purab looks on.

Ranbir waits for Prachi. Prachi meets him. Ranbir asks why she looks sad. Prachi says she angry and tells him that she can get better person than him and breaks up with him. Ranbir smiles saying it’s prank right. Prachi says it’s truth that I’m breaking up with you. Ranbir says it’s lie because I know you love me. Prachi says Im getting seperated from you because I love money more than you.

Abhi says I love you but can’t cancel this marriage because everyone including Pragya will smile at me so I won’t let it happen and my marriage will happen Infront of Pragya. Purab asks why is he doing it. Aliya feels happy. Rhea asks to cancel marriage otherwise she will run from home. Abhi says this marriage won’t get halted, dont test my patience using the freedom I gave to you and he tells that he going to shopping with Meera and goes out. Aliya says to Purab that her brother is doing what he want to do. Purab leaves. Aaliya thinks from the start itself matter is about your mom and dad, I just used you in it, but now I feel I don’t need to care about you or your love story.

Shahana Meets Aryan and asks why he called her. Aryan tells Prachi is behaving weirdly with Ranbir. Shahana says maybe she is teasing Ranbir.

Ranbir asks if she cares for money more than him. Prachi says yes I need money, you said your family will leave you if you choose me and I can’t live poor life. Ranbir says you’re simple girl but why you’re acting like Gold-digger type. Prachi says until now I acted nice with you because you’re rich but last night I got to know your Mom won’t give you anything if we married that’s why I’m breaking up with you to fulfill my dreams to live rich life. Ranbir says he will earn money through his own business and asks her to give him one chance. Prachi says I can’t take any chance, suggest who can be good for me what about your friend Neil.

Ranbir says shut up and dont try to become someone else. Prachi shouts saying don’t touch me and accept this reality. Ranbir says Rhea is correct about you but I failed to notice your real nature. Prachi asks go and live with her, I just need money. Ranbir says I can never forgive you and you know how it feel when we get betrayal. Prachi says go and cry on Rhea shoulder and first know that every girl needs money. Ranbir leaves. Prachi breaksdown.

Shahana feels worried and tells to Aryan that something is wrong because until now they didn’t come than they sees Ranbir in angry mode. Shahana asks Ranbir about Prachi. Ranbir says go and search her because I only know she wants to break up with me and he leaves in his car with Aryan.

Shahana sees Prachi in tears and asks her what happened. Prachi says I broke up with him. Shahana asks if she got to know anything bad about him. Prachi says he is good. Shahana asks what’s she hiding from her. Ranbir tells to Aryan that Prachi breakup with him for money. Prachi says she is doing this for Pragya happiness.