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Episode starts with Pragya waits for Raghuveer. Tanu meets Pragya and asks if she waiting for her lawyer? And tells her Raghuveer won’t come to court. Pragya says he will come for sure and we will win this case. Tanu says come to reality and you know why he didn’t arrived at court. Pragya asks what is she hiding. Tanu says she wants to see the fear in her eyes than she shows her a video f Raghuveer getting attacked by contract killer. Pragya asks Tanu to stop the attack in tears. Contract killer calls Tanu and informs her that work is done. Pragya warms him to leave Raghuveer. Tanu cuts the call saying she will contact them later. Contract Killers leave from Raghuveer place taking his place.

Tanu tells her she can’t save her lawyer. Pragya tells her she will save him. Tanu says you can’t save him because video wasn’t live and you hired good lawyer but my men killed him on the way and I don’t want to do it but what to do? He had my confession audio which he wants to submit in court. Pragya looks shocked. Tanu says don’t gets shocked, I got to know it from you. Pragya asks her how. Tanu says when you bumped my car, I didn’t liked your peacefulness than I followed your vehicle and overheard your convo with Raghuveer ji about my confession and Doctors certificate and I don’t want to lose this case that’s why I hired contract killer to end the proofs and you lost the case. Attender calls Pragya and Tanu inside. Tanu says what a timing. Pragya tells her original clip of audio is with her. Tanu explains her how she deleted clip from her phone while making her busy and she asks Pragya to check her phone. Pragya couldn’t found the audio. Tanu leaves saying noone can stop her victory.

Tanu goes to court room tells to Abhi that her confession from Pragya phone is deleted and your Lawyer won’t come here because I’m smarter than your wife. Abhi looks angrily at her. Tanu says don’t give these looks otherwise they gonna punish you in first hearing and she leaves to sit in her place. Judge arrives and asks if Raghuveer arrived to court. Mr Singhania says no. Pragya in tears reminsces everything than she thinks to reveal truth in court wiping her tears. Judge about to give judgement in Tanu favour bit Pragya stops him and reveals that Tanu’s the reason why Raghuveer couldn’t come to the court. Tanu regrets telling everything to Pragya.

Judge asks Pragya to speak after coming to witness box. Pragya goes to witness box and tells to judge how Tanu hired contract killer to kill their lawyer. Judge asks Singhania if wants to say something. Mr Singhania asks Pragya if she have any proof. Pragya says Tanu had video in her phone. Singhania says Pragya accusations are baseless. Pragya tells them how Tanu is lying to take revenge on us and she made Raghuveer get killed. Singhania says it’s not any serial, do you have any proof to prove your story. Prachi stands up saying they have proof of Audio clip where Tanu confessed that Rape didn’t happen. Singhania sees Tanu and Tanu signs him no than he asks them to show that audio clip. Pragya feels helpless.

Episode ends.