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The episode starts with Prachi says I broke up with Ranbir because Rhea told me that she will unite dad with Mom. Shahana asks how can she sacrifice her love. Prachi says I can do anything for Mom and promise me that you won’t tell it to anyone. Shahana promise her.

Aryan removes car keys and tells Ranbir to listen his heart and tells him that Prachi is lying because she don’t care for money. Ranbir tries to take keys from him saying your Mom and Rhea are right about Prachi. Aryan beats Ranbir and both beats eachother. Aryan says let’s talk if your anger is cool down, their must be something behind Prachi sudden change so think because she may be intentionally doing it to break up with you. Ranbir says yeah you might be right and they thinks to found it.

Dadi goes to meet Saritha ji, they thinks hope Pragya won’t find that we are planning their meetings. Pragya couldn’t get taxi. Abhi stops his car Asks Pragya to come with them and than he sees Pani Puri and they goes to have it. Pragya says she won’t eat it. Meera goes aside once she gets call. Abhi couldn’t eat spicy one.

Pragya teases him and says she can eat spicy one. Pragya too feels the spice feeling and she couldn’t get water than Abhi makes her eat honey. Both lost in eachother eyes. Pragya thanks him. Meera says Mr Mehra your phone and he asks her to keep it in pocket. Pragya gets angry and takes phone from Meera and she puts in Abhi pocket. Abhi feels her jealousy.

Saritha calls Pragya and asks is everything is fine. Pragya says she met the unwanted people. Abhi wipes his mouth with Pragya saree. Pragya scolds him. Abhi calls baljeet. Saritha and Baljeet dashes with eachother and their phone gets exchanged. Abhi and Pragya feels confused but Saritha and Dadi cuts call saying network problem. Saritha and Dadi celebrates for their success.

Prachi reminsces Everything and tells to Rhea that she did her work. Rhea says she couldn’t believe. Prachi says it’s tough to believe but I broke up with Ranbir. Rhea asks what she told to Ranbir. Prachi says she did like she said and he didn’t even doubted and I told him that I love money not him so don’t tears because he raised hand on me. Rhea happily hugs her saying only sister can do it. Prachi breaks hug saying I did it to unite our parents, hope you talked with Dad.

Rhea says I will talk with dad and give you good news in the evening. Prachi asks her to do it quickly and leaves. Rhea thinks she have to do something big to stop Abhi marriage with Meera. Abhi plays songs on the way, Pragya and Abhi feels emotional reminscing their past moments.
Pragya thanks Abhi once they reached the home.