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Today’s episode starts with Pragya stepping down from the car. Her saree get stuck in the car. Abhi sees her. Meera talks with someone on the call. Abhi steps down from the car to rescue Pragya. Pragya asks ABhi not to say anything. She asks to open the door from inside as she is not able to open it from outside.  Abhi holds Pragya’s waist and pulls her closer. He asks Pragya why she doesn’t confess her love. Pragya says to ABhi that she loves him a lot and he equally loves her. Abhi and Pragya hug each other. Back to reality; Abhi asks Pragya to stand aside. Pragya realizes it was her dream. Abhi opens the door and pull Pragya’s saree. Meera watch the duo.

Abhi drives the car and see Pragya in rear view mirror. Pragya stands teary. Here,  Prachi thinks Rhea asked her to do break up Ranbir for the sake of Abhi and Pragya. Prachi recall how she hurt Ranbir. She cries. There, Ranbir says to his brother that his trouser is dirty and he will change it. Prachi cries thinking about Ranbir and runs. She bumps into Ranbir. Ranbir catches Prachi. Prachi gets teary seeing Ranbir. Ranbir wipes Prachi’s tear. He asks her what is bothering her. Ranbir asks Prachi to disclose why she is acting weird. Prachi stands stunned seeing Ranbir. She asks Ranbir to forget her. Ranbir asks why. Prachi runs and looks for a cab. Ranbir tries to talk with Prachi but she leaves. Ranbir’s brother asks him to call Sahana and asks about Prachi’s weird behaviour.

Other side, Sarita and Abhi’s daadi sit together. Pragya come and Abhi’s daadi hide. Sarita and Daadi gets happy to learn that Abhi drop Pragya home. There, Rhea thinks about Abhi not ready to cancel his wedding with Meera. She gets stressed and spill the juice. Aliya asks Rhea if she is hurting herself. Rhea asks Aliya not to worry about her. Aliya says Abhi will not cancel his wedding with Meera. She says she don’t want Pragya to be here because she sent her to the jail. Rhea asks Aliya that she will handle her matter and challenge Aliya that Abhi will break his alliance with Meera. Aliya gets angry.

Ahead, Pallavi asks Vikram to talk with her as she feels Ranbir is hiding something from her. Vikram asks Pallavi to give space to Ranbir. Ranbir and Aryan come and Vikram asks both to go. Later, Sahana avoid Ranbir’s call. Ranbir doubt on Rhea for Prachi’s weird behaviour. Aryan refuses to believe Ranbir.

Purab asks Abhi why he was avoiding his call. Abhi says because he knows he will take Pragya’s side. Purab asks Abhi why he is doing wedding when Rhea wants him to cancel the alliance. Abhi says because Pragya and he is happy staying separated from each other. Abhi invites Purab for haldi ceremony. Purab asks to invite Pragya too as he will come with her only. Abhi gets irk and hurt his leg. He hugs doll similar to Pragya and cries. (Episode Ends)