Kumkum Bhagya: Purvi (Rachi Sharma) blackmails RV (Abrar Qazi), makes him follow her orders

Zee TV’s popular daily soap Kumkum Bhagya is gearing up for major twist and drama in the storyline.

RV and Purvi are back home but RV gets back in his old avatar and throws tantrums over Purvi.

Purvi now has her brahmastra ready to get RV back on track, she blackmails him using Dadaji’s name.

Purvi threatens to expose RV

Purvi threatens to expose RV infront of Dadaji if he will not follow her orders and do what she says.

RV had messed up the room while throwing tantrums and thus Purvi makes him clear all.

Will Purvi get RV on track this way, how will Dadaji work to unite RV and Purvi?

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