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Zee TV popular show Kumkum Bhagya serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Tanu and Aliya blamed each other for their situation and they gets interrupted because of loud noise they goes out and noticed Abhi threw their suitcases. Aliya asked him why he js throwing suitcases. Abhi told them he was clearing the mess from home and demanded Mitali, Alia and Tanu leave the house immediately. Mitali told him that Aliya and Tanu provoked her and she asked for Abhi’s forgiveness. Abhi allowed her to stay because of Dadi request. Abhi announced that Pragya is his wife and Malkin of the house and he asks Aliya and Tanu to leave home. Aliya and Tanu left taking their bags.

Pragya shared good news with Prachi that Abhi is taking them to the Mehra house the next day and told her about how Ranbir helped her even after knowing her identity and she told Prachi that seems like she misunderstood Ranbir.  Prachi rushed to her room saying she needs to freshen up. Shahana tried to console Prachi and asks her to set everything by accepting Ranbir’s love. Prachi told her she can’t and told her that she deserved punishment for hurting Ranbir’s emotions. Aliya returned to Abhi’s room and tried to justify her actions, but Abhi didn’t change his decision.

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that next day Abhi will bring Pragya home and Dadi will welcome them with proper Grihapravesh. Tanu will enter Mehra mansion with Inspector and asks him to arrest Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya will ask what did he do? Tanu will accuse Abhi of raping her. Pragya and Abhi will get shocked.

How will Pragya prove Abhi’s innocence? Will Abhi forgive Aliya?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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