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Episode begins with Sameer gets happy learning that Taapsee pannu coming. He goes to get freshen up. Srishti notices that. Beeji asks her to bring the cake. Srishti asks her that if the latter know where is Preeta. Beeji tells her that they can’t make Preeta work today too. She scolds her and sends her to bring the cake. Meanwhile, Anjali asks Arjun that where was he. Arjun tells her that he was with Preeta. He says that he felt dizziness and Preeta saved him from falling down. He sees Preeta with Rishabh. He asks her that why Preeta married Rishabh. She tells him that Preeta would have thought Rishabh is good person.

He tells her that Rishabh is not a good person. He says that Preeta married Rishabh for money. He adds that they can see love for Rishabh in Preeta’s eyes. And Preeta is happy with Rishabh. She tells him that Preeta is comfortable with Rishabh. Srishti comes there. She makes Arjun say that they are like family members. He asks her that what she wants him to do. She gets shocked hearing him. She tells him that he is intelligent. She takes him from there.

Raja asks Prithvi and Sherlyn that what’s happening. Prithvi asks Raja and others to follow his instructions. Raja taunts him. Prithvi points gun at him. Raja tells him that he is not afraid of anyone. Sherlyn reveals that Rishabh is her ex-husband. Prithvi says that they did not question Raja so Raja should not question them too. Sherlyn says that they have to take advantage of today because they won’t get another chance. She adds that she knows all the lockers so she will steal money. She explains her plan to them. She decides to go to Rakhi’s room first. She wears fake beard and leaves the room.

Arjun asks Srishti that why she is taking him to kitchen. He says that she and Sameer looking good together. She says that she feels like she married Sameer to stay beside Preeta. He asks her that if she knows how much Preeta loves Rishabh. He says that maybe Preeta loved Rishabh but married Karan. She tells him that they can’t judge a book by cover. She says that he don’t know how much Preeta suffered. She adds that Karan died in front of Preeta. She cries saying that she is missing Karan so much. He hugs her. He consoles her. He says that they won’t talk about past.

Anjali asks Preeta that how Rishabh reacted about Arjun’s proposal. Preeta says that she is not understanding that why Anjali working for Arjun. Anjali tells her that she can fight against world for Arjun. She asks her that why the latter thinks that Rishabh is good person. Preeta praises Rishabh. Anjali asks her that if it was love at first sight. Preeta tells her that it was respect at first sight. Anjali tells her that she is happy with Arjun and leaves from there.

Sherlyn sneak into Rakhi’s room. She searches money but finds nothing. In the kitchen, Srishti tells Arjun to pick the cake. She brings the trolley. He drops the cake delebrately. She gets panicked. He apologizes to her. Anjali comes there and says that she will arrange new cake. She thinks that Arjun did it deliberately.

Episode ends.