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The episode begins with Preeta takes the waiters with her to serve drinks and snacks to Akshay’s family. Sherlyn notices that and thinks now Preeta will get a good daughter in law tag. Karan greets Akshay and his family. Krithika was about to take Akshay’s mother’s blessings but she stops her by saying in their family daughters don’t touch the feet of an elder person.

Dadi says Krithika is her daughter in law. Akshay’s mother says she doesn’t have any daughter and Krithika is her daughter and hugs her. Preeta thinks Akshay’s parents are really good but don’t know why Akshay is like this and until she finds the truth she has to perform all the rituals. She serves cool drinks to guests. Mahira was about to go there but Sherlyn stops her. She says it was her plan to serve drinks to guests so she can get their praises but now her plan flopped because of Sherlyn.

Sherlyn apologizes to her for mocking Ramona. Mahira asks her to help her to spoil Preeta’s image in front of everyone and she don’t want her apology. Sherlyn says she is waiting for the right time. Mahira says Sherlyn doesn’t want to help her that’s why making excuses like this. Sherlyn says she hates Preeta more than anyone and she wants to do something which can throw Preeta out of the house permanently but it’s not the right time for that and tells her to wait.

Mahira gets pissed off and leaves from there. Sanjana apologizes to Ramona on behalf of Sherlyn. Ramona forgives her. Everyone enjoys by singing and dancing. Akshay was kept disconnecting Ruchika’s call. Preeta notices that he is tensed with someone’s call and wonders who is calling him continuously. Preeta meets Sristy and says they should try to find Akshay’s truth some other day because everyone is happy and busy with function. Sristy says today is the right day to find the truth.

Preeta asks how to find out the truth and says she is not getting any idea. Sristy says they can get information from Akshay’s mobile so they need to get that. Preeta says he was disconnecting someone’s call continuously so they can get information from his mobile for sure but how to get his mobile, she can’t do anything directly because he knows that she suspects him.

Sristy says she will steal Akshay’s mobile and searches him. She greets Akshay then congratulates him and gives drinks to him and takes his mobile from him and puts on the table. He says he is not in the mood to drink and notices that Ruchika going towards the guest room so follows her. Sristy takes Akshay’s mobile.

Preeta follows Akshay without his knowledge. Akshay hugs Ruchika and tells her to not get angry. Preeta sees that and recalls Sarla’s advice and decides to bring Krithika here so she herself can see Akshay’s truth. Rakhi talks about Mahesh and gets emotional and says she feel he will recover soon. Karan tells Krithika that Akshay is lucky to get her as life partner. Preeta takes Krithika with her and Karan notices that.

Episode ends.