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Episode begins with Krithika asks Preeta that why she is taking her towards guestrooms. Preeta says she wants to show her something and tells her to not ask anything else for now. Krithika stops and says her stress increasing and asks her to say what’s the matter. Ruchika tells Akshay to remember that she loves him. He says he too love her and they hears footsteps. She asks him to not go anywhere leaving her and hugs him.

Preeta tells Krithika that she deserves to know this first and says nothing will change in her life because she is good girl and says Akshay betraying her and drags her along with her saying she should see. Preeta shocks not seeing Ruchika with Akshay and asks about her. Karan too comes there. Krithika notices alcohol in Akshay’s hand tells him to answer Preeta’s question. Preeta was about to talk about Ruchika but Krithika interrupts saying she is disappointed with him because he broked his promise assuming Preeta talking about his drinking.

Karan asks why Preeta brought Krithika here. Preeta says she is not talking about alcohol and Akshay knows it too. Akshay says he was nervous for marriage that’s why drank little bit and asks Karan to help him. Karan says it’s not a big deal so Krithika should not overreact. Preeta says she didn’t brought Krithika to show this.

Akshay apologize to Krithika and says he will throw it right now. Preeta asks them to listen her saying she didn’t brought Krithika to show Akshay’s drink and reveals about Ruchika. Ramona, Sherlyn too comes there . Preeta says she saw Akshay with one girl and asks who is that girl. She says he brought that girl directly here and she was upset that he is marrying Krithika and he hugged her to console her. She tells him not lie because she heard everything and says Luthra’s trusted him but he is not the right match for Krithika.

Krithika tells Akshay to answer and asks why he was nervous when he should be happy with their marriage. He says he was nervous because of office work and he is happy that he is marrying her. He says he can prove everything and asks does she really think he can betray her and if she thinks he is that kind of person then that’s insult to their relationship. He says there was one girl with him in this room and shows earrings to Krithika saying Ruchika came to give this gift and she was angry that he didn’t invite her.

Krithika says Ruchika was their college friend. Ramona, Sherlyn scolds Preeta for her behaviour towards Akshay. Preeta tells Sristy that she misunderstood Akshay. Ruchika who was hiding in the cupboard till now comes out and escapes from there. Karan says Preeta is concerned about Krithika that’s why she reacted like that.

Akshay says she knows that and he just wants her to trust him. Karan says he is happy that Krithika’s marriage happening with him. Krithika hears everything and thanks him for his understanding. Preeta tells Karan that she thought Akshay having an affair. She apologize to Akshay. Akshay says Krithika matters for him that’s why he didn’t took any decision in anger otherwise he would have broke this relationship.

Episode ends.