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Episode begins with Sristy tries to open Akshay’s mobile and checks the messages first. Akshay says he can’t took any decision in anger. Sristy calls Preeta to tell the truth about Akshay. Preeta says she is feeling bad. Akshay says that’s fine and asks her to attend the call.

Sristy tells Preeta that she know the truth and says Akshay has an affair with Ruchika. Preeta tells her to not say like that because just now he proved his innocence and Ruchika is just his friend. Sristy says he is lying and informs about his call history and reads the messages. Akshay realises that his mobile is missing.

 Preeta tells Sristy that Akshay searching his mobile and tells her to not get caught by him. Akshay sees his mobile on floor and takes it. Girish informs Preeta that Rakhi calling her. Akshay says he got the mobile. Sherlyn tells Mahira that now she got it how to get revenge on Preeta. She says in Manali Preeta said she is doing favor on her by not giving complaint against her because she is pregnant and says she is on Mahira’s side always and that Preeta insulted them so she won’t leave Preeta now and tells her to get ready to insult her in front of everyone and says now they are going to use Krithika and informs her that what happened in guestroom so they has to use this against Preeta because it’s about Krithika’s life so Kareena and Karan won’t leave Preeta.

 Sristy tells Preeta that Akshay is not the right guy for Krithika. Preeta says she has to do few pending works. Girish hears their conversation and tells Preeta to go with her saying he will handle it. Sristy takes Preeta to guest room and they acts like Akshay wants to introduce Ruchika to Luthra’s. Ruchika hears everything from hiding cupboard.

Preeta says she is surprised with Krithika’s sacrifice saying she doesn’t has any problem with Ruchika and Akshay’s marriage. Ruchika smiles hearing them but shocks reading  Akshay’s message. She thinks she came again here to hide but now she has to escape no matter what. Sameer asks what Sristy doing in parking area. Sristy tells him about Ruchika. Sameer sees Ruchika escaping from there.

Preeta says Ruchika is not just a friend of Akshay and they can’t let him spoil Krithika’s life. Sristy says it’s not easy to expose him. Ruchika tells Akshay to stay careful with Preeta. Sherlyn introduces Mahira to Akshay. Preeta tells Sristy that she has to tell everything to Karan and he will trust her because it’s about Krithika’s life.

 Mahira tries to instigate Akshay against Preeta. Akshay’s mother praises Preeta and says Rakhi is lucky to get a daughter in law like her. Kareena tells Dadi that she is living for Krithika only and wants to do everything for her happiness. Ramona tells Kareena to not trust Preeta and says Preeta blamed Akshay saying he has affair with someone. Kareena shocks hearing her.


Episode ends.