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Episode begins with Rakhi enters Mahesh’s room and says he took enough rest now he should wake up because she wants to talk to him but he is not responding to her now. She says they used to took all the important decisions together for their family in difficult situations but now she is alone doing everything , she tried her best to handle without him but she needs him and his support so he has to wake up for her.

Rakhi was about to complaint about Sarla to Mahesh but stops seeing Sherlyn and Mahira there. Sherlyn says Sarla doesn’t even know how to talk with others she just gives lectures about everything but never follows it. Mahira tells her to not take Sarla’s words in her heart and says Ramona would never talk to her like that and never did also.

Sherlyn says Sarla always shouts at Luthra’s and creates problems in their functions by doing drama and that’s what she is doing now also because she has problem with everything. Mahira says Ramona always helped Luthra’s and she even talked nicely with Sarla who misbehaved with her mother and Rakhi too saw that. Sherlyn says that’s the difference between low class people and them.

Rakhi who was silent till now yells at them saying she knows they doesn’t likes Sarla that’s not mean they will keep talking about her like this. She says they should stop talking against Sarla and should respect her for her age at least. She says she came to spend some time with Mahesh and wanted to talk to him but they spoiled that and leaves from there. Sristy shocks knowing Janki is in Pawan’s custody and says she thought Janki would be hiding somewhere.

Preeta says they made Janki unconscious and she doesn’t know where they took her. Priest tells Gabbar that he already told him that he doesn’t know marriage mantras. Gabbar says he thought Priest lying to him seeing the gun. Preeta says now Priest is not important until the groom gains his conscious this marriage can’t happen . Sristy this here marriage won’t happen no matter what and tells Pawan to leave them otherwise he has to face worse things.

Pawan asks her to see where is she standing and what is she saying and tells her to not talk childishly. Preeta mockingly says like he talks mature things only. Pawan tells everyone to stay silent because he has to think an idea now and orders Gabbar to tie Preeta, Sristy and put tape on their mouth too. Sarla cries saying everyone just blaming Preeta and if Rishab wants he too can blame her.

Rishab says he won’t blame her and never did but he has few questions for his family and he can’t ask now because he knows they doesn’t have answers now. He says her questions were right but he got hurt as a son and says she need not to worry about Preeta , he and Karan will handle it. Pawan shows the YouTube video to Priest and tells him to say mantras seeing this. Prithvi gains his conscious.

Pawan asks why he drunk this much. Prithvi says his heart broke that’s why.Pawan says he brought Prithvi’s heart and happiness for him and shows Preeta to him. Prithvi shocks seeing Preeta and Sristy there. He tries to untie Preeta saying he can’t see her like that but Pawan takes him from there saying he wants to talk to him for 2 minutes.

Mahira gets worried what will happen if Preeta returns hearing her Sherlyn mocks her saying more than her marriage with Karan they have other big problems too in their life. Mahira says Sherlyn told she will kill Mahesh but she couldn’t do that and now she is living in fear that when he will gain his conscious and will reveal her truth to everyone.

Pawan says he is ready to kill Karan for Prithivi because he is coming between him and Preeta. Prithivi says Preeta loves him but didn’t realize it yet and she is such a simple girl so thinks Karan as her husband. He says Karan challenged him many times so he wants to see him losing and no need to kill him for that.

Episode ends.