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Episode begins with Mahira says now her love story will begin with Karan and plans to celebrate Valentine’s day with him because she is special person in his life. Preeta wakes up hearing alarm sound and notices that Sristy is not in the room and says only Sristy can set alarm for 12o’clock and realises that it’s Valentine’s day and she went out of the house if Sarla got to know that then she will scold her. She says Sristy spoiled her sleep and hears noise from window.

She recalls how Janki talked about some thief and thinks seems like he entered their house and covers him with blanket and beats him with broomstick. Both falls on the bed and she shocks seeing Karan. Both hesitates to talk to each other and hugs each other tightly ( Sajdaa song plays in the background).Janki receives someone’s call and goes to Sarla to inform about it.

Karan says he was angry on her and came here to scold her but opposite happened and says he hates her. She asks so he came here to tell this to her. He nods at her and says he missed her too. Janki knocks Sarla’s door and says thief entered their area. Karan says he forgot what all he wanted to say just by seeing her face. He shows the broomstick to her and asks who welcomes their husband like this. She says it was his mistake because he didn’t shouted when she was beating him with broomstick. He says if he shouted then everyone would have woke up till now and he saved her by not shouting.

He says she doesn’t know what all difficulties he faced to meet her and says her area people assumed him as thief and he somehow escaped from them. She says so many thief roaming in her area. He says it’s Valentine’s day and asks her to confess her feelings. She says she doesn’t have anything which she can say only today but not tomorrow. He gets irritated hearing her and tries to leave from there but she stops him saying she will confess.

Security guard knocks Arora house. Suresh says thief entered Preeta’s room. Sarla shocks hearing him and moves towards Preeta’s room. Before Preeta says anything to Karan, Sarla and Janki interrupts them. Sarla tells Preeta to close the window and leaves from there. Sarla says thief is not in Preeta’s room. Security guard says that thief is dangerous person and he was wearing black jacket too. Suresh’s wife says Sristy sleeps with Preeta and Sristy is such a brave girl so they need not to worry about anything.

Janki and Sarla realises that they didn’t saw Sristy with Preeta. Sameer tells Sristy that he is not understanding why Karan behaving like this. She says Karan talked rudely to Preeta. They got to know that thief entered Arora house and runs towards it. Preeta asks why Karan hided. He says it will be an embarrassed situation if they see him here like this then. She says first of all she is not his fan and she started to like him later.

Janki and Sarla interrupts them again and asks Preeta about Sristy.Sristy enters the house from outside. She lies to Sarla saying someone tried to enter the house and she tried to catch him.They hears noise from Preeta’s room and everyone shocks seeing Karan there. Sarla look at Preeta.

Episode ends.