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The episode begins with Janki murmurs saying an accident. Sristy asks water for Janki. Pawan signals one of the Goon to bring water. Sristy takes the water from the Goon and gives it to Janki. Janki gains her consciousness and takes Prithivi, Sherlyn’s name. Pawan asks her how she knows Sherlyn and warns her to not talk bad about Prithivi.

Sristy asks what is she telling about Prithivi and Sherlyn. Pawan says Janki got hit on head so she become mad and blabbering anything. Janki says Pawan also trash like Prithivi and Pawan starts to laugh at her. Prithivi gets surprised seeing Preeta holding his hand and when she talks with him in disrespectful manner he shocks more. She says he lost his respect and he is now just a stranger and Goon type guy for her that’s it and warns him to not try to beat her or any other girl.

 Preeta tells Prithvi that Karan was right about him, he already warned her about him but she didn’t trusted him and regrets for it now and was about to leave the room but he pushes her inside and tells her to not take Karan’s name again, she should take just his name. He says he knows that now she doesn’t love him but after their marriage she will start to love him definitely. She says she is already married to Karan and asks how many times she has to repeat that.

He says she is his Preeta ji and he is her Prithivi ji. She gets angry hearing him and starts to beat him saying why he is not understanding a simple thing. He shouts saying why she is beating her would be husband. Pawan hears Prithivi’s voice and runs towards the room. Using that chance Priest runs from there few Goons follows him. Janki says if Prithivi needs Pawan’s help then they should reach Preeta soon and they also moves towards the room.

Preeta tells Prithivi to stay away from her not talk about the marriage again. He tries to move towards her and she throws the vase on him which hits his legs and he falls down. He struggles in pain and Pawan reaches there and goes to Prithivi in worry. Preeta says both brothers are mad and goes out of the room and locks the room from outside. Prithivi tells Pawan to catch Preeta and leave him. Preeta meets Sristy and Janki. Janki tells them that she remembered her past and also the most important secret.

 Sristy asks about which secret she is talking. Janki says Prithivi and Sherlyn is not stranger to each other in fact they are in a relationship and she saw them together that’s why she wanted to stop Prithivi and Preeta’s marriage but before she tells them the truth Sherlyn tried to kill her and she lost her memories, they again tried to kill her so she doesn’t reveals their truth. Preeta says now she knows the truth of Prithivi and she is not gonna leave him.


Mahira says she wants Karan but he doesn’t want her. Sherlyn says now Mahira needs help if she wants Karan then. Mahira says she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Sherlyn tells her what she heard from Karan few minutes back and she is sure that he still loves Preeta. Sherlyn tells Mahira that love is blind and that’s what happening with Karan and Preeta too so before they confesses their love for each other they has to do something because once they becomes one no one can separate them.

Pawan says if Preeta can beat him this much then what would have happened to him if her husband was here. Prithivi says Karan can’t do anything and shouts at Gabbar and tells him to open the door. Gabbar opens the door and everyone goes to search Preeta, Sristy and Janki. Sristy and Preeta sits on the car already seeing Prithivi, Janki throws the stones on him to stop him from reaching them. Mahira asks Sanjana’s help to convince Kareena. Sanjana agrees to help her.


Episode ends.