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Episode begins with Karan tells Preeta to focus on applying haldi on his wounds and they can talk serious matter later and says he has wounds on his shoulder too. And she applies haldi on his wounds and they stares each othe. He holds her cheek and says he really missed her a lot and tries to kiss her. She feels shy so tried to get up from bed but he didn’t let her and they wished a happy Valentine’s day to each other then he kissed on her forehead.

Rakhi’s call disturbs them and Preeta tells him to attend the call. He asks does she want him to leave from there. She says he has to leave because it’s her room and her bed. He says even she occupied his room and his bed then why can’t he sleep here today. She asks is he really going to stay here tonight.

Rakhi gives red rose to Mahesh and confesses her feelings to him saying she loves him so much and cries. She says he should not misunderstood that she is crying because he didn’t wish her and says Preeta left the house and from that moment Karan stopped smiling and always stays gloomy and never shares his feelings to anyone. She says if Mahesh was fine then Karan would have shared his feelings to him and she is not understanding that how to help their son. She says she is missing him so much and tells him to wake up from coma. Sameer hears everything and leaves from there.

Sameer video calls Sristy. Sristy assumes he is going to propose her and doesn’t pick the call and messages him asking why he called her. He says she become mad. In anger she calls him and scolds him and asks why he called her. He says he is angry on her because she didn’t helped him to reunite Karan and Preeta and Rakhi is also upset for Karan. She tells him everything and he gets happy hearing her and says he going to tell everything to Rakhi. She stops him saying Karan must have planned something so let him handle the matter in his way.

Karan flirts with Preeta. She tells him to leave but he refused her saying he can’t stay in his room without her. She gets emotional hearing him and cries, he wipes her tears and hugs her ( Sajdaa song plays in the background). Sristy knocks the door so Karan hides there. Preeta opens the door and asks what is she doing here. Sristy says she is not able to sleepcomfortably in sofa so she came here to sleep. Preeta sends her out saying she already told her that she wants to sleep alone today. Sristy says she will take her pillow atleast and sees Karan behind the bed.

Sristy tells Sameer that she saw Karan in their room and says her sister was happy and she is happy seeing her sister’s happy face. He says her voice becomes cute when she is happy. She tells him to not propose her using this chance. He says he won’t propose her because she is not his type and disconnects the call. He decides to propose her tomorrow.

Preeta tells Karan and she is going to sleep on her bed and asks where he will sleep because she doesn’t have any sofa in her room. He lays beside her saying he is her official husband and he has full rights to share bed with her.

Episode ends.