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Episode begins with Kavya tells Preeta that the latter makes everything fine. Kritika apologises to Preeta on behalf of Nidhi. Preeta says that she did not felt bad. She adds that they are like her family so it’s fine.

On the other hand, Mahesh tells Rakhi that he is shattered because Karan took this decision. He says that he don’t know what happened in between Karan and Rajveer but Karan should not have done this. Rakhi tells him that Preeta managed everything. She says that Karan took decision in emotional and says she know Karan won’t do something like this again. She tells him that Preeta is with Karan still.

Kareena asks Rakhi that why the latter is bringing Preeta now when Mahesh is talking about Karan. Rakhi asks Kareena to not misunderstand her. Kareena says that Rakhi supports Preeta and Rajveer always. Rakhi agrees with Kareena. She says that Rajveer and Preeta are ‘kundali bhagya’ of this house according to her. Mahesh tells Rakhi that they are not against Preeta, but situation.

Nidhi asks Preeta that why the latter worries about her family. She says that Preeta came there as Doctor and Preeta should leave after giving treatment. And says that she is not understanding why Preeta is taking care of Karan like wife. She adds that Preeta should give instructions and leave.

Preeta says that she won’t leave because she has to take care of Dadi and Karan. She adds that she has to bring Shaurya out of jail too. Nidhi taunts Preeta for saying all this. Preeta says that Shaurya is like her son. Nidhi asks Preeta that whether the latter is lawyer. Preeta says that she will bring Shaurya out of jail in her way. Nidhi asks Preeta that who is the latter to worry about her family.

Karan overhears their conversation. He thinks that Preeta lost her memory but she still cares about his family. He comes downstairs and he tells Nidhi that she should be thankful because Preeta cares about Luthras. Nidhi asks Karan that why he likes Rajveer so much. She asks him that whether he know Rajveer tried to ruin his business and Rajveer has connection with Anshuman.

Preeta tells Nidhi that she will give answer. She says that Rajveer is innocent. She adds that she will make everything if Rajveer did anything wrong then. Nidhi tells Preeta that the latter brings problems for them. She says that Preeta is unlucky like Rakhi and Kareena used to say. Preeta says that she will do what she decided to do. She adds that she don’t have time to talk and leaves from there. Karan scolds Nidhi.

Preeta recalls that how Anshuman said Rajveer works for him. She also recalls that how Nidhi asked Karan about Rajveer and Anshuman’s connection. Kavya comes there and apologises to Preeta on behalf of Nidhi. Preeta says that Kavya is sweet but she did not feel bad because she understands Nidhi. She asks Kavya to handle Nidhi because Nidhi needs Kavya.

Episode ends.