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Episode begins with Preeta tells Srishti that the latter should have named Rajveer as Krishna. She asks Rajveer to get ready for interview and leaves for market. Rajveer tells Srishti that Preeta remembers all the important dates. Srishti thinks that Preeta is Rajveer’s mother and Preeta lost her memory. Preeta and Rajveer share dil ka connection. Rajveer is about to put the money on gullak. But Srishti stops him and asks him to buy shirt to wear for his friend’s marriage.

She asks him to look like a hero. But he refuses to listen her and puts the money in the gullak. He tells her that budget is important. And it’s not necessary for him to wear new shirt to attend his friend’s marriage and moreover he has many shirts. He tells her that he can’t stop his savings just for marriage. She tells him that he become kanjoos. He tells her that he know how much she worked hard to pay for his studies so he will spent for her. She tells him that she is lucky mother. He goes to get ready for an interview.

Preeta returns from market and makes milkshake for Rajveer. Rajveer asks her to choose an outfit for him. He notices that his shoes got torned. She chooses an outfit for him. She tells him that she will stitch his shoes and leaves from there with his shoes.

In the Luthra house, Shaurya gets ready. He tells Nidhi that his favorite shoes are missing. Nidhi tells him that his cupboard is filled with shoes. He tells her that he need his favorite white shoes. Rakhi comes there and gives prasad to Shaurya. She tells him to feel lucky that he born in rich family and he should not spend so much money in shopping.

He asks her that why she scolds him always. He says that their world is different and Rakhi can’t understand his generation. She says that Karan and Rishabh never talked to her like this. But new generation don’t respect elders. Nidhi takes Rakhi from there. She tells her that they should give little space to Shaurya. She buys new shoes for him.

Preeta gives shoes to Rajveer. Rajveer tells her that it looks best and leaves the house. Srishti decides to not tell Rajveer about Luthras. And Luthras don’t deserve to know about Rajveer.

Rakhi goes to Karan’s room and asks him that why he did not come downstairs for puja. Karan takes prasad from her. He tells her that he has meeting with foreign clients. Rakhi tells Kareena that Karan changed so much. Kareena tells her that everything and everyone changed. Rakhi says that Karan’s life too changed not just his face. And Karan lost everything that’s why he keeps himself busy in business. She says that if Rudraksh was with them then Shaurya won’t be like this.

Episode ends.