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Episode begins with Dadi talks to Beeji about temple visit. Palki takes prasad from Beeji’s bag. Beeji asks Palki that she brought this prasad from small shop so how can they give it to Luthras. Palki tells Beeji that prasad is prasad and it’s not matter from where they bought it. Shanaya agrees with Palki. Kareena tells Daljeet that she likes both Palki and Shanaya. She says that Daljeet gave good upbringing to Palki and Shanaya. Daljeet asks Luthras that don’t Shaurya has a brother. She says that she want her daughters to get married in Luthra house. Beeji says that Daljeet tells joke a lot.

Varun’s family comes there. They greets Luthras. Shaurya, Sandy and Varun dances. Everyone claps for them. Dadi says that she is enjoying mehendi function. Roma asks about Kavya. Palki says that she will bring Kavya and goes inside.

Nidhi cries recalling the moments Karan spent with Preeta. Aarohi comes there and asks Nidhi that why the latter attempted suicide. She says that Nidhi was strong so what happened. Nidhi tells Aarohi that Karan brought Preeta to Luthra house as physiotherapist of Dadi. She reveals that how Karan refused to love her. Aarohi scolds Nidhi for attempting suicide. Nidhi asks Aarohi that how can she live without Karan. Aarohi tells Nidhi that the latter gets everything which she wants.

Mahesh asks Rajveer that who opened the locker. Rajveer tells Mahesh that he thought that’s cupboard. He says that he want hand towel. Mahesh gives hand towel to Rajveer. He says that he saw important file under the bed so he changed the passcode of the locker. He adds that he forgot the passcode. Rajveer enters the bathroom and blames himself for not stealing the file that day.

Palki compliments Kavya. She asks Kavya that why the latter is looking nervous. Kavya tells Palki that she is scared. Palki says that every bride feels like this. They goes downstairs.

Beeji tells Daljeet that Shanaya will live like queen in Luthra house. Daljeet says that Palki missed the chance by choosing Rajveer. Beeji tells Daljeet that they will break Rajveer and Palki’s relationship. She says that they will find rich guy for Palki.

Shaurya sees Detective serving drinks. He scolds Detective for not focusing on Karan. Guest asks Rakhi that whether Preeta is the latter’s daughter in law. Rakhi tells Guest that Nidhi is her daughter in law.

Rajveer, Shaurya and Varun dances. Kavya joins them. Then everyone joins them. Varun gets nervous after seeing phone call and goes inside. Preeta notices this. She tries to follow Varun but Roma stops the former.

Nidhi tells Aarohi that she won’t get anything except Karan’s friendship. Aarohi tells Nidhi that they should go downstairs. Nidhi says that she want to stay alone for sometime. Aarohi leaves from there.

Varun meets a woman in a room. That woman hugs him. She hides when Shaurya comes there. Preeta asks Roma that why it looks like the latter is trying to stop her. Roma scolds Preeta.

Episode ends.